A memorandum that has signed more than 2020.

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"It was hard this year."
It may have heard this word most at the end of the year.
April 7, it is strange
Palette Art Alive OSAKA
However, it was when I was just 8 years.
COVID-19 widespread worldwide, and the Japanese government also issued an emergency declaration.
And we also closed the shop for about one month.
That's right, what were you doing,
If there is an appointment, you can invite customers,
After that, we continued to update ONLINE SHOP.
that is,
"If you can give courage in a little fashion"
It was really from that thought.
Actively perform instillation,
A good-looking customer was calling well.
A casual conversation,
Palette thinks that you have built a very dark relationship with customers,
She could be relieved just by listening to the voice.
For one month there was no one from Horie,
Really lonely, what should I do this?
I was thinking all the time.
"If you give courage from us in fashion"
She thought so, but she listens to the voice,
Posted with tagging in the instum,
Talk in the message,
Get a lot of comments on Instarve,
We were able to help you all.
Thank you very much.
After that, the store will resume sales.
Currently you come to many customers,
The number of infected people of COVID-19 again increases.
In 2021
It has become a situation where the preceding appears at all.
"Over the fourth, May, it's all right.
This time we will give courage. "
I can give courage to more all the matters
I will challenge various things.
In the 21SS season, new brand friends are also increasing.
Not only men's but also women, and jewelry.
I would like you to enjoy it.
It has been a little longer, but it's almost time to finish.
The beginning of the year is OPEN from 11:00 January 2nd.
Tomorrow, it seems to be a very cold wave, and care about your body.
Have a wonderful 2021 full of love,
Thank you for your coming year.
Well then, a good year.
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