Please tell me your new busing.

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by the way,
I will meet many wonderful people last year.
Many of the people who met were those involved in fashion and were people who were active in individuals.
Among them they are very shining and "I want to work with this person."
that's what I thought.
I went to Hokkaido, taking a holiday in the middle of November.
Since I had to go at that time by private, I was such a time, but I was scolded in full fully.
On the first day I was able to take a while, I contacted the editor called Wada and brought lunch together.
Diet in Hokkaido for the first time. "I want to eat sushi."
Waiting for a sushi restaurant around Susukino, two other than her and her.
Aoi and Tenshu-kun.
They are also engaged in fashion.
I finished self-introduction in order and Tenshu-kun and the story of Mr. Wada began.
"" IE "began to make it. Will you see?"
Because there was no particular plan, two replies
"Of course!!"
"IE" felt about 10 minutes walking from there.
Tenshu-kun was separated here, Mr. Wada and Mr. Aoi began to face.
The wind was strong and did not go forward, but I was walking in the previous quarrel if I realized that I could not suppress the feeling of being ramp.
The house arrived is the house. It was a single house.
I entered my coat and luggage in the right hand room and gave it in the house.
One room puts the lawn.
One room will be a library.
One room will be a guest space.
I was introduced in the "IE" that is born from now on.
She was born in Hokkaido.
She has always been in Tokyo, but he was trying to make a space where people and people have been born in central Hokkaido center Sapporo.
She was about 1 hour after arriving at IE.
She said, Mr. Yamaguchi, who met Mr. Wada-san, was a LINE video call.
"Long time no see~"
Together with a casual conversation, talk about "IE".
Apparently two people seem to make the magazine "IE ZINE" born from "IE".
Yamaguchi also editor also. Two people make ZINE is decided to be cool. When I was looking forward to talking, I'm looking forward to it,
"By the way, what is the" New Biggen for Aoi for Yoshimasa "?"
Mr. Yamaguchi said.
Speaking of which, what is "New Biggening" for me.
Then she from Mr. Wada
"About that, please write a column with" IE ZINE "."
Please let me write. I was blessed in an interruption. I finally came to work with them, very fun.
Return to Osaka and talked again with Mr. Yamaguchi.
What kind of new busing do you write?
I wanted to write the beginning of fashion in me.
From there, I woke up early every morning and written before going to work.
The morning routine was made and I liked to write sentences.
At a pace of about once a week, at the end of the work and Meeting with Yamaguchi at Zoom.
"The sentence here is transformed like this."
It was a very good experience that I could write a sentence and learned the difficulty of editing.
December 29, my text was finally completed.
A pretty long sentence written after a long time.
If you read everyone and get it. Submitted to Yamaguchi with that thought.
From that about 2 weeks later, January 16th.
"IE" and "IE ZINE" were completed.
When I saw "IE ZINE" that arrived at hand on that day, this is the moment where the magazine can be done. I was really moved. This is the first time.
And the next day, I saw it a little early in the shop early in the morning.
Mr. Wada and Mr. Yamaguchi's face was likely to come out. The second impression.
Oh, I want to tell a little more people.
"Wada, please put it in the shop."
I was saying before, but again told that.
And yesterday, the store arrived at the shop gradually. You can see everyone at all.
This ZINE also changes the content in an irregular monthly publication. This time, various people involved in Wada-san are participating in the first issue. It is not only Hokkaido but also Tokyo, Osaka, and Berlin.
It is not only the content to feel the feeling. This book has manually carried out pounding and bookbinding and packaging.
A little bit, there is also a trace, and I think I can feel the feeling of a different way with other things.
I would like to take care of the mind of the making hand now.
I think that it is reflected in the seasons' buing, but everyone will be aware of it.
There is no plan to post on Online Shop, but please contact us if you read today's blog and read "IE ZINE".
I think it will be an opportunity to remember your new busing.
If you are farthes, we will deliver it.
Price: ¥ 5000 + Tax
Speaking of which, what is your new busing?
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