9/12 (Sat.) 12:00 ~ Release Item.

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good evening! !

It is Kawamura.

Thankfully it was a butterfly today. . .

There are many new works, a wide lineup
You can see.

Today, we introduce new work of tomorrow.

Let's look at it.

The items released tomorrow are here.

More Men's 4 point Ladies 2 points
I'm going to introduce.

Straight silhouette
Relaxing slacks.

In the twill fabric,
Rivet at the pocket, a little down,
D can be
Casually down item with good salt plums.

It is an item of a beautiful silhouette vertically,
Of course, the short length blouson etc.
Slender tops etc. are also compatible.

Items with a sense of relaxation here.

Hoody behind the over size is
Brand logo was excited
Dock a jacquard knit.

This item is this item.

It is like a so-called hunting jacket,
The difference between the length of the longitudinal length and the back
There is no other design.

A long hair foot,
From the lining of becoming a bore,
It seems that the heart of autumn and winter is warm
You can feel fun.

Funny is the shape, not only fabric

I think that there are many people who are worried about the stone hanging from the collar,
This is a natural stone.

A natural stone beads made of hand are arranged.

This season is
Flower and colorers on the theme.

Among them,
Culture conscious

This item is not only strong power that feels from florist color,
It is a culture representing the 90's
You can feel it with the strength of the grunge.

This item is also a personally pierced item.

The price does not care at all,
When I always want to arrange it in the store
I thought at the exhibition.

From the 80's euro Vintage
With a pullover that gained an idea,
Six fabrics are switched.

Far, pile, bore, velor, satin, check.

At first, it is a ladies item,
Mens can be worn.

This is an item you want to recommend to various people,
I want you to see not only in the store.

With the body of fake leather
It is switched with the Tweed's arm

Bowtie is attached,
It is finished in women who are feminine.

Even if it is a shirt as a shirt
Can wear
It is a highly versatile item.

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This season especially popular SOE

Recommended bare jacket,
I think it will probably disappear at a fairly fast speed, so
As soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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