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good evening.
It is an apple!
Today is noticeable.
4/16 (FRI.) to 4/19 (MON.) in 4 days
We will receive an order party at Palette Art Alive! ! !
--- Belper 2021autumn Winter Collection ---
Look image of Belper's 21autumn Winter Collection   Image of Belper 2021autumn Winter Collection Gathered Blouse and Velvet Groves
Designer: Yuichi Ozaki
After graduating from Sugino clothesline college, I entered EnglishHam Trent University.
Join GFW during school
Grand Prix Winner at Spain Bilbao International Competition.
He returned after returning to the designer assistant
2014-1015 Start brand from Autumn Winter.
Avoid conceptual ideas with difficulty
We value relatively simple ideas.
When you look at clothes and touch
It feels like it is a stylish and wearable thing
Making a work that can felt a creation from there again.
Look image of Belper's 21autumn Winter Collection
This time Belper is
Create an inspiration from the movie called.
Automotive, common name "tacker car" real name in the late 1940s
And developer Preston Thomas Tucker
Works depicted based on the
1988 Francis Ford Coppola is an American movie director.
Year of 1945
The Preston Tucker, which operated a military factory
It is suitable for the new age to come
Fast and beautiful and embark on the development of a passenger car that pursues safety.
Perfect for money manipulation with his family and friends
Complete prototype (first model) at the end of twisting twists
He got the world's largest factory with the world's largest factory, and his plan appeared to get on track.
But the tacker by Big Slee's side and interference
"Fraudster who tried to sell cars that you do not have"
It is tailored to and stood up.
Tucker himself strongly to car
He sacrificed to his family and friends if he is for their work.
The spirit of creating a car that will also be interrupted or obstructed.
This Belper also
I want to encourage things that have a hot feeling like a tacker,
A movie that you feel like working hard even in such an age "Tucker"
It is a classic element of the 1980s
I have created an idea from wearing items of the movie.
Image of Belper 2021autumn Winter Collection GRANDMA JACKET and Attached Down Hood
My favorite look styling is here.
It is made of material with ingested cotton such as down
Attached Down Hood
Food and collar are items that can be accepted for the kiss and styling.
Blue color jacket is a refreshing impression
Come to wear this year's autumn and winter.
Denim is two-color development of Indigo and Black.
We will introduce you in another look.
Belper 2021autumn Winter Collection Strings Denim Pants Image
Strings Denim Pants Indigo.
Denim with a string (strap) as a name
Silhouette changes with hanging or tying.
I did not have denim until now
Belper's denim is ideal.
If you are concerned about casual items strong!
Belper 2021autumn Winter Collection Down Jacket Image
Down Jacket, also in the previous season
Design type difference Ver.
The front code design is also cute
It is an item that can be caught with the cord of the waist part.
This down series was a good item that was well received last season.
It will be an immediate completion this year.
Belper 2021autumn Winter Collection Ruffle Denim Pants and Down Jacket Images
Image of Belper's 2021autumn Winter Collection Ruffle Denim Pants and Ruffle Collar Denim Jacket
Unlike Strings Denim Pants
Pretty volumer Ruffle Denim pants.
In combination with styling.
Heart to wear is a fashionable senior! An item.
Belper 2021autumn Winter Collection Twill Bustier Dress Images
Design dress like corset in the waist part.
Collection of minor gather and sleeve puffs of the neck,
It is a classy dress with lots of women's favorite details.
Belper 2021autumn Winter Collection Ombre Plaid Pleeated Skirt Image
Original pleated series that is also pronoun of Belper.
This time, it is a powerful impression of straight type pleats.
This is a beautiful item that has been two stages,
You will be beautifully showing the style of those who wear them.
Belper 2021autumn Winter Collection Tie Dress Image
Vivid pattern is characteristic
Tie Dress.
Neck-stuffed details
Thai ribbon that can be connected at the front is impressive.
This time is a very eye-catching dress!
Belper 2021autumn Winter Collection Velvet Dress Image  
So far I have introduced items.
There are still many other items introduced.
Cute clothes are clogged.
Even for the receiving party, Mr. Ozaki Ozaki who is a Belper designer
I will come!
4/16 to 4/19 for 4 days, please open your appointment! !
We look forward to seeing you at your order party.
At the online shop of Palette Art ALIVE
Because we will make an order for online
Please check it with you!
Also, please contact us in advance this time
Intagram DM or LINE @ (line at) by taking an appointment
I will also service online, so I think that if you can use it!
(If it is difficult to walk under such circumstances
It is a popular tool for people in the distance. )
Besides that, we are already dressed in the store
Please come and see by all means.
↓ ↓ Online Shop ↓
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!
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TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
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TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239





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