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good evening.
It is Satorita.
The other day, near the store
Gallery space and bar
Because one event was doing
I went.
Because I was invited to my friends
I went there, but
Looking at the flyer carefully,
In the scene of Nagoya
The name of the great place.
And entrance free.
I can only go to go.
Love if you look at it.
I have done such a thought.
Event was done
The venue was a box that was worried about before.
From the store of Palette Nagoya
Two to 3 minutes walking.
If you get 100 people, it will be crowded quite
With a size
The space is also outstanding.
Music is also the best,
Social distance
Because it was a lot of people who are kept
It was also good.
Events that you know.
It was an irritation.
(DJ and VJ were also great)
Then, to the product introduction of today
Let's go!
One month after the adult ceremony.
Looking for setup
Those who are tossed
Isn't there a lot?
Good news for such people.
Lovely than Shinyakozuka
Introduce setup.
Jacket called "Almost Double"
I was updated
Features of three-dimensional patterns.
While spacious silhouettes
The fit when wearing is outstanding.
This fabric with a feeling of brushing is
It was manufactured by Owari Aichi Prefecture
Original wool jacquard.
I dare to use the dough,
Add brushing machining on the surface
It produces a blurred atmosphere.

Ultra and striped land
It is floating
Is it visible?
This is also dare blur.
It is exquisite.
It is also possible to wear a collar.
This detail is
SHINYAKOZUKA jacket in this term
It is adopted for the entire type.
Two-sided nature that is completely different.

This fabric is very warm.
It is perfect for January where the adult ceremony takes place.

This is "Coalman".

Jacket used the same material,
Straight pants.
In our shop in setup
Good luck.
Generally, straight pants
Most of them are tapered.
"Coalman" is
Straight on the pattern
By design,
Like flare that spreads a little over the hem
It is finished in silhouette.
It is setup of elegant impression,
I also produce a sense of relaxation and feelings
Very good salt plum.

Have a sense of luxury and feel
set up.

Take a hand on this opportunity
What do you think.
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Shinyakozuka 20aw
Shinyakozuka 20aw
Thank you very much tonight.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
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