Silk and tie dye.

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It has finally come to sunlight.
If the damp smell of the unique concrete is a buddy smell of a unique concrete, I remember that I started to live in a city that I did not know for the first time for the first time.
I wanted to work with fashion from the countryside with only the great nature, and my friends are only four people.
I went shopping to various shops and put out a face in various club events, and I was increasing my acquaintance anyway.
Of course I can not go to play in the same clothes every time, so I earned money and earn money and putting most of the money earned in the clothes fee.
Money to eat rice, I bought the packing of the bread selling for 100 yen at the bakery and I was able to live and lived. Lol
Now I'm eating with a foolish rice with myself, but I would like to have a feeling that I wanted to be fashioned at that time.
Today is the introduction of personally favorite items.
Image of Brunnabein's Creely Shirt
Image of Brunnabein's Creely Shirt
A simple short-sleeved shirt.
But if you look closely, what happened to me, the shadow? There is also a pattern that seems to be.
Image of Brunnabein's Creely Shirt
Image of Brunnabein's Creely Shirt
Patterns like that shadow are uniformly irregularly irregularly across the shirt.
Image of Brunnabein's Creely Shirt
The identity is a color unevenness by "tie dye dye".
Is it that colorful, well-dressed shop for tie dye dyeing?
I think it will be thought that it seems to be.
What is the tie-dyed dye in the first place?
Tie-dai is used in English, and is used as a generic term for aper dyed wind cited from Thai TIE (tied) + die Dye (dyeing).
By the way, Tie is a tie tie.
It is a characteristic dye that the color boundary is blogged and the color boundaries is blown while narrowing down, and it is characterized by the characteristic of finishing.
Image of Brunnabein's Creely Shirt
This pattern is put out by dyeing thin black in silk gray shirt.
Yes, it's a point, but the fabric is silk.
The touch is good, and it is a man of adults that tie-die dyeing to the luxury material that can be worn even if it comes to summer.
It is the best word.
Moreover, the color taste is also very adult, and the general taste.
Image of Brunnabein's Creely Shirt
The upper pants are a bit simple, and I think it is fun to choose a playful thing.
Personally, I love styling this Yoshimasa-kun.
Image of Brunnabein's Creely Shirt
Image of Brunnabein's Creely Shirt
Mushimushi I'm difficult to spend some temperature, humidity is Japan's summer, but I want to spend a lot of comfort and feel a little more comfortable with one item.
It is the best shirt perfect for that person.
As it is the last one point, please do it!
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239





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