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It was about 20 days earlier than usual this year's rainy season. It feels very fast to warm, and sometimes I felt summer day at the stage of April. The sun's sunshine is a lot of comfortable days, and I had a little less than a little before I had a boss while drinking coffee. If such a temperature continues to leave, I think that, I was looking for a new sunglasses for this summer. This year has been a luxurious troubled that you can buy, Boston Club doubles as a status report and POPUP consultation, and tried to make a phone call.
Is the eyewear Popup for the first time in three years? At that time, I did not know anything immediately after joining, and I just got a picture with a picture of a lot of sunglasses.
By phone, while remembering that time, I often did not understand the eyewear, and I made various things. Not only the ego says that you want your own sunglasses, but also more people who can tell the goodness of Boston Club who will respond more and more sincerally, better events I wanted to make it.
New eyewear and personal favorite double bridge shall have been prepared for all three things that can be sold immediately. My personal idea is, but I think that the summer image sunglasses think that it is a long time to buy it on the spot, so I would like to buy it and go out immediately I wanted to.
This is about one month ago.
Sometimes there was a slightly elapsed and the rain continued every day, and the day when the shop also settled has increased in various ways. Every event of the next season, look back on the season, and spent time for the future. When there was, I thought of something.
"That, 30 bottles?"
Once again, I tried to arrange what I have sent to the shop now, assuming that 30 bottles were added there, and it was enough to arrange it in the flat platform. Yeah, it's beautiful, but I'm not enough. There are 20 more more than more brands.
I was already sending an email at that time. I was prepared to prepare, so I was very annoying. However, I think that it is a heartbean, who corresponds to such a thing every time.
In other words, this POPUP lined up is about 60, about 60 in the center of sunglasses, which has been sent to about 10 bottles, and it is a total of 60 bottles.
Moreover, so-called immediate sights can be obtained in situ. Oh, I'm very happy.
5/29 (Sat.) To 6/4 (Fri.)
Customers who purchased during the period will be presented with a cloudy cleaner and a new Lookbook first.
Small match from Boston Club. The cloudy cleaner also wants to personally measure mask.
Some images are taking some wearing images.
Wearing image for POPUP of Bostonclub
Wearing image for POPUP of BostonclubWearing image for POPUP of Bostonclub
Wearing image for POPUP of Bostonclub
Wearing image for POPUP of Bostonclub
Wearing image for POPUP of Bostonclub
Wearing image for POPUP of BostonclubWearing image for POPUP of Bostonclub
Another Popup, which is lined up in many other places,ONLINE SHOPSpecial pages are also provided inside.
Please use here if you are affordable, and in the world's circumstances.
Then we are waiting for Saturday.
Thank you very much for your cooperation with the Boston Club. Thank you for your continued support.
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TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
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