Art made of charcoal.

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good evening! !

It is Kawamura.
Today, there is no Hiro after a long time
In one-time work.

I think something nostalgic
Working earlier than usual.

Clear and windows, etc.
(After that, the window is so dirty, the window is dirty)
Because it has become a little cool
Hot coffee in the usual Seven Eleven.

Well, what kind of blog will you write today.

While thinking so,
Those who did an instant live yesterday night
I remembered.

Yes, today,
Yuki hashimoto
Write skinny.

If you are wearing it now,
I feel quite reduced.

I am still fashion
When I was a high school student who is not for a remedy at all,
The house is near and I love the band
I have been to Live House in Amida for a long time.

The city at that time is
Skinny's pants
In the impression that everyone wears,
I do not know the translation and it is cool
I was looking for and I was wearing.

Skinny = cool

We appealing thinness
I was thinking of power strength.

Rinus van de velde
Of the contemporary artist
The Villagers
I was created with an idea from the work
This collection.

The description of the collection is
From the previous blog

Product name is
Charcoal Paint Slim Jeans


Well, I say Charcoal gray,
The meaning of charcoal is charcoal.


this is,
Rinus van de velde
But what you draw pictures with charcoal
It is a panty that has been created and created.

Designer Hashimoto
White workpants look at canvas,
Starting from the place where you are designed with charcoal,
Heavy attempts,
The original paint has been completed.

The processing is
Powerful pants that I feel old days
It is applied to Skiny Denim.

This power is
I still know the fashion I still remain in me,
When wearing skinny,
When you put a spirit.
(New arrival, when it gets up early in the morning)

And the patch of the right thigh is also characteristic.
Represent the season
In this graphic,
It is impressed by many times.
How to put out color, how to cut letters,
It is quite difficult to produce fine prints,
What I have done so far is
I think I'm looking for less.

↓ ↓ Online Shop ↓
YUKI Hashimoto Charcoal Paint SLIM Jeans (Black-W)

Yuki Hashimoto Charcoal Paint Slim Jeans (BLACK-R)

YUKI Hashimoto Charcoal Paint Slim Jeans (White-B)

What do you think about the teenager, the teenager and the early 20s,
I do not know, but for me
Skinny is always.

Now that many people are getting damaged,
Once again, I feel attractive for clothes with power.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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