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good evening! !

It is an apple.

A little bit of corona is calm
It is a completely exhibition season.

September early in August.
It is really early that the day is over,!

Heat also feels better than before!
Winter clothes want quickly! Lol

Wear good clothes and study
Observe from more viewpoints
I want to talk about clothes with my friends,
I think so recently.

Let's go to the product introduction today!

Lace Up Sleeves Shirt

"Wanting of Thy Love"
William Shakepeare's "Romeo + Juliet"

Love, passion, ugliness

Strongly beautiful and living two stories

The material is 100% polyester

It is too hard, and it is a material that also remains smooth texture
A shirt that is easy to wear.

This time in a strong collection of military senses
To detail design of shirt
Includes military elements in some places.

Collar share is a stand color.
In Japanese, it is called a peace spot.

After 1300
France's Norman Regional nobles
It was devised for reinforcement of no color.

Designs often used for military uniforms.

Military uniforms also include fighter clothes, but
Normally, in the 17th century of Europe
I say a defined uniform.

The beautiful segmentation along the neck is
The effect of attracting attention to the neck
It is also a feature that there is.

And the prefabricated is a winged wing
It looks clean.

The open design is
I do not see much
Do not miss the heat, to widen your arms wide
Contains functionality.

Together with thin inner
In a shirt that can enjoy layered
Because the length is too long and the width is not too wide
It is a good item compatible with the outer and cardigan.

Both sides of the sleeves are largely slits
It is divided into four places and has a string.

Sleeve length is a little longer, but by tying,
"Restructure" in the sleeve
It is also possible to express.

Even if the string is dripping
The atmosphere changes and it is interesting.

Please enjoy various clothes!

Please take a look! ! !

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Belper Lace Up Sleeves Shirt

Lenz Pleeated Skirt (Yellow)

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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