Children of the Discordance 2021 Autumn/Winter Start

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One day of this year.
That day is a business day.
I remember I was fidgeting for a day.
The reason was that a new brand was announced in a video format.
A person with a good intuition may notice at this stage.
Yes, it is 21AW of Children of the Discoordance.
A video like a song PV.
"There is such a thing."
"It looks like Children."
A sense of security.
In the previous movie, it focused on the skateboard,
This time, Hip-Hop and street culture are held in the backbone
It was a wonderful expression of the brand view of the brand.
The rappers are hideyoshi and Ralph.
The song in the movie is their song,
What Children of the Discordance wants to say to the world
A lyric that can be captured as if he was spontaneous.
Somewhere medium
I was saying, "The highest peak of street on the progressive form"
I thought this video alone was an overwhelming performance.
The theme is "Dawn".
It means dawn,
A theme that hoped that the world will end someday and become bright.
The designer himself looks back on encounters and memories with fashion,
A collection content that can be said to have returned to the origin.
1st Delivery arrives mainly with knits.
・ Dawndic DiateX JQD Crew Neck Knit
・ OVERSIZED CHANGEOVER Hi-Neck Knit (Beige & Black)
・ Pigment Dyeing and Print LS TEE
・ NY Vintage All-Amerikkkan Denim Pants
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I hope you can come to this consecutive holiday.
Thank you for tonight.
We are waiting for you tomorrow.
Rice field
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