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Yesterday's noon, the temperature was high and very good, and I felt Spring signs.
Can you see flowers this year?
If you can watch a flower, take out pizza from noon, buy chicken nuggets and potatoes in McDonald, and have beer and chewhai, and enjoy cherry blossom viewing while enjoying sunlight on the vinyl seat.
Last year I was firmly self-restrained during self-indentation, so this year.
I think.
Either way, I'm still firm and enjoy your time.
Today, a nice shirt has arrived from my favorite Elephub, so it's an introduction.
Image of 21SS shirt jacket in Elepha
Image of 21SS shirt jacket in Elepha
Image of 21SS shirt jacket in Elepha
Image of 21SS shirt jacket in Elepha
Shoulder width, shirt jacket made a relaxed shirt jacket is a box silhouette and one wearable wearing.
Image of 21SS shirt jacket in Elepha
Image of 21SS shirt jacket in Elepha
It is an impact that switched with wool, cotton, nylon and various fabrics is an impact, but it is designed with a good balance without being too flashy with the effect of each coloring.
The ugly place of Elefub is a sense of balance.
Items made of switched fabrics are very large, but not only young layers, but also items that are loved by adults are expanded every season.
Image of 21SS shirt jacket in Elepha
Furthermore, this shirt is also provided with knit materials, and its switching is a high technique that has a high technique, so the technological capabilities as an elephane appear.
Image of 21SS shirt jacket in Elepha
A grader is also arranged to change the silhouette on the back of the body.
It is also possible to change to your favorite form or silhouette tailored to pants.
If it is rough, it is more interesting to wear in various styles.
The designer Kimizuka's playfulness is a detail that is felt.
I love Mr. Kimizukazuka's playfulness really, and it's a brand fan and Mr. Kimizuka's fan.
Image of 21SS shirt jacket in Elepha
This shirt that gives a variety of impressions depending on the angle.
It is actually a lot of items of Elephabu to write to the blog after arrival.
The blog is updating the blog to the quick as you want to know the goodness of this brand as much as possible this season.
At first glance, some items that should be worn from that complex design, but all of them are, of course, created on the premise of wearing.
In other words, it is designed to be coolest when passing through the sleeves.
I still think that there are still many people who have not touched the coolness in a true sense.
Come, at this time, I'm really glad if I could touch the coolness of Elephub through the sleeves.
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