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Good evening. Lin.
Today is the fourth day of knit fair. Many customers come from the first day,
I'm really happy.
I will introduce it today even for the Palette Ladies' brand
It is a knit of SODUK, a brand that is extremely popular.
(Brown) (Gray)
SODUK 21AW Ined Knit Top BROWN wearing image 
SODUK 21AW's Ined Knit Top BLACK wearing image 
Mr. Kudo, a SODUK designer, after graduating from Waseda University
He is a very good person who went to the Antwerp Royal Academy.
Antwerp Royal Art Academy is
It is said to be "the world's three largest clothing and art vocational schools".
Doris Van Notten,
Martin Margiela,
Anne Dumelm Stail
I learned here.
Needless to say, at this school, which can be said to be an elite school
Basic knowledge and technology
After gaining global and abundant personal connections
Mr. Kudo has a track record at the popular brand.
The clothes he designed
The plus one point worked on the comfort of real closed,
It's just a great item that is very attractive.
This item is according to the cable knitting
It is a pullover knit with stitching with random brushed wool.
SODUK items are
While it is a ladies' brand
It's just right for men to wear,
The feature is that there are so many items that become "the person's clothes".
This item also has a genderless impression.
SODUK 21AW Ined Knit Top BROWN wearing image
SODUK 21AW Ined Knit Top BROWN wearing image 
SODUK's 21AW LINED KNIT TOP wearing image 
The gray is deep green, red and bright yellow wool.
Brown is deep green and black,
And the bright yellow wool that is also used for gray
It is applied.
At first glance, the impression is a calm item like autumn and winter.
However, the bright yellow stitch, which stands out, is very refreshing,
It seems that a calm coloring knit is sublimated into youthful items.
SODUK 21AW Ined Knit Top BROWN wearing image 
SODUK 21AW Ined Knit Top GRAY wearing image 
Sizing is just fit.
Recently, many oversized knits have been developed
This sizing was unusual.
The sleeves have a slightly longer structure.
SODUK's 21AW LINED KNIT TOP wearing image 
Slacks that apples are wearing as styling
Of course it's cute to have you combine with denim, etc.
You can also have the color bottom and styling used for stitching
Highly recommended!
SODUK is an online shop unpaid item
Purchase at the store or by telephone in inquiry by DM or telephone
It will be supported.
Please feel free to contact us!
The knit fair is also 5 days left.
Although it is such a situation, take measures against infection firmly,
We are taking measures to enjoy fashion with peace of mind, so
I hope you can pick up items directly at the store and enjoy it.
SODUK's 21AW LINED KNIT TOP wearing image 
We are waiting for you tomorrow.
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