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Good evening.
This is Sagita.
It may be natural to work, but I often talk to a young child.
(It was especially common this year)
There are various children.
Ten people.
There are various things to speak, and when you are talking about each fashion view
Especially interesting.
The difference between what the person has experienced and what he has seen
Even if you styling with the same item, it looks different.
This may be a matter of course,
How people who buy as the person who sells clothes will wear it
I am looking forward to sales work.
The clothes I bought before
"How about my dress?" I came to the store with my face
Talk about fashion views and go home.
In such a wonderful everyday life, I feel nostalgic with freshness.
LittleBig's 21AW Harington JKT
2021 Autumn/Winter Collection
Harrington Jacket
Everyone who saw this item says:
"This is LittleBig. It's surprising."
Certainly LittleBig has a strong image of tailored,
Both shirts, ties and slacks are the brands of the brand.
I've never seen a casual jacket with such a check pattern,
Surprising is exactly what everyone says.
LittleBig's 21AW Harington JKT
"Designer Masato likes British culture."
How do you look when you know the information?
It will change from the impression that you do not know.
The tailard actually proposed by LittleBig is British style.
The story of my favorite music I would like to visit
Basically, the story of the UK rock band is the center.
LittleBig's 21AW Harington JKT
Mr. Umato, a British lover, chose
Harris tweed tartan check fabric.
This is also related to British culture.
Made in Harris Island in Scotland, England
Tweed fabric is "Harris Tweed".
The enactment method is determined by the country,
Only the ones woven by the local craftsmen above are called.
The beautiful color of blue, yellow and red is unique to Harris Tweed.
Because the fabric is thick, it is durable and heat retention.
LittleBig's 21AW Harington JKT
LittleBig's 21AW Harington JKT
And most of all, I feel LittleBig like "Harington Jacket".
Harrington jacket
It is said to have become popular among mods in the 1960s and 70s.
A symbol of British culture.
LittleBig's 21AW Harington JKT
Dare to styling
With a taste that has forgotten a little bit of LittleBig.
Of course, the shirt and Thai tide -up style
I'm addicted to it.
LittleBig's 21AW Harington JKT
When I was about the same age as you, I was buying my favorite clothes.
Now that there was such a thing, it means to feel from one clothes.
I'm still studying, but this jacket is definitely
LittleBig is packed.
Please try it.
Thank you again tonight.
We are waiting for you tomorrow.
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