Two faces and duality

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Two faces and duality
Hot days continue. I do not know if it is a lie or hunt, but it seems that the rainy season is not yet in the rainy season, and it seems that the rainy season begins. Working is difficult, and the number of visitors will decrease and it will be lonely. The weather is likely to be sunny and rainy days. Sunny day and rain day.
Today is morning,YouTubeI was taking. Personally, I'm working, but after all, I'm wearing a shop introduction. I wanted to stand in front of people all long ago, and I have done various things, but I think I'm not going to go so much. After all, after all, I think it's a bit tense, and I often think that it was not possible today. People who can speak badly without anyone are great. But I think I will be able to do it if I feel more. People who are looking at me are a little more warm. I am myself with myself and my camera.
There were some articles that were written about it if I checked the dorsalism. The modern is still quite useful, and it comes out if you check it. The graduation theory of highly evaluated students will make your spare time. It is fun.
Littlebig 21sss Removable Single Jacket Wearing Image
This season's LittleBig's Talarard jacket has duplex.
One is a long-sleeved figure with metal decorations on the sleeves.
And I would like to introduce another face today.
Littlebig 21sss Removable Single Jacket Wearing Image
Metal supplied with the sleeves is a snap button.
By removing, another face and duality appear.
Littlebig's Talarard Jacket changes, I remember that I have never seen it until now and I was excited at the exhibition. Because this jacket, it can be worn in summer.
Long-sleeved and short sleeve.
Littlebig 21sss Removable Single Jacket Wearing Image
It is good to change it by the mood of the day.
Rainy day gets a little wet with a long sleeve. Of course, the sunny day is a short sleeve and a cool face and cool.
If it is a bit cool, you may have a long sleeve layer. This tala bird can enjoy it.
Yeah, it changes by the weather, du-sided.
Littlebig 21sss Removable Single Jacket Wearing Image
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Tailorard jacket released from LittleBig, which keeps track of royal roads, is the royal road of evil.
Although it is a bit different from the previous one, what feelings from the creation of a solid feels that the power strength of the royal road can never be made to other brands.
Certainly, I feel like I wrote on my blog at the time of an order party, but with these challenges, LittleBig will still grow and let us dream.
I want to continue seeing nearby nearby.
Bakuman's evil royal road page
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