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Good evening.
This is Sagita.
The rise of this season is very slow.
I'm patient for a while, and everyday life that lasts like every week
I'm about to start.
Of course some brands are standing up
Masu has something to look at this season.
Masu's 22SS Grange Casquete
Grunge Casquete
A co -worked casquette with "Nozomi Kurokawa", which also works on bespoke hats.
Speaking of the Nagoya storeSolaris casquettebut
I am very addicted to the style I want to propose, and is still popular.
I like hats, so I have a variety of other hats.
Meanwhile, this new casquet
It is standing out among the hats of the tsuwamono.
Masu's 22SS Grange Casquete
The fabric called Morphotex is woven with a glowing thread.
The expression that will be shown by movement and light changes.
This fabric is with tailor, vest, pants
It is also used for the keypiece of the collection,
I can't remove it when talking about Masu this season.
The hat body is a volumy design.
By inserting the seam allowance,
It creates a grunge feeling.
Masu's 22SS Grange Casquete
Masu's 22SS Grange Casquete
What I felt interesting was
The crown (the head of the hat) can be moved back and forth
The point where you can change your expression each time.
The volume stands out in front, and it will be united if you go back.
Masu's 22SS Grange Casquete
And the top part of the seam allowance is
Designed to become a star -shaped symbol of this season.
It is the first place where you can feel the focus and playfulness of the details.
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Masu's 22SS look
Masu's 22SS look
Masu's 22SS look
Thank you again tonight.
We are waiting for you tomorrow.
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