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After opening and open, we often talk about music.
Yoshimasa-kun often teaches recommended songs and artists
Every Type of artist to be told.
Recently, she is crazy about the two female band called the Tiva,
It is just now
I wrote a blog while listening to the song of that band.
Music is so great.
The lyrics are also important, but I am very important for me.
Feel the season or imagine the place.
Even though it is a sound, smell and video come to float.
Artists who teach Yoshimasa-kun
I feel that there are many people who make such music.
By the way, the Tiva who listens now
"Go Back Our Home"
In me
Outside of spring, out of spring early morning,
It is an image of an image that looks at the sky that gets bright.
It seems to be excited when I listen.
By the way, I do not know what kind of song is true because the lyrics are all English. Lol
I started a blog in the music story,
Today I will always be excited in clothes
Introducing the item of this brand.
Wearing Masu 21SS Zip Upgrass Shirt Wear Image
ZIP UP shirts that can also be called MASU's signature design.
This series including stories that rebuilt the shirt to Blu-zone.
This season is a material with a sense of transparent organs,
Like an antique glass medical bottle
Printing an amber pattern,
For the image that is wearing a glass bottle.
Wearing Masu 21SS Zip Upgrass Shirt Wear Image
Wearing Masu 21SS Zip Upgrass Shirt Wear Image
Wearing Masu 21SS Zip Upgrass Shirt Wear Image
In old technology, it can not keep the thickness of the glass constant,
The refraction of light changes depending on the place.
That is the goodness of the vintage glass product and it taste.
The difference between the sideways, the back of the fabric behind, before, as if he expressed the random of the light refraction
Really beautiful.
In addition, it seems that it will imagine with vintage delicate with a fabric with a sense of transparent,
I think that it is just a shame that is just cool.
Wearing Masu 21SS Zip Upgrass Shirt Wear Image
Two pockets arranged in the chest, buttons and zips.
Silhouette at the time of starting with buttons and zip
It will change according to the coordination as it will change.
Item is easy to use for layered with a short set upward effect, and it is easy to use very easy to wear with a blouson sense.
Wearing Masu 21SS Zip Upgrass Shirt Wear Image
If you look at the arms that are easy to move on the fabric, you can see how she is a pleasant and beautiful fabric.
Since it is a light soft fabric, it has no stress at the time of wearing, but also the practicality but also practicability.
Wearing Masu 21SS Zip Upgrass Shirt Wear Image
I'm actually looking at the item of MASU, but it is a timing that arrives at a season every season, but I always think that every time.
It is the height of the overwhelming quality of the real thing that can not feel in the photo.
A delicate and built-in fabric, a removed design, detail.
I feel the thickness of the clothes.
This is not a dough sense, but in a storytime sense.
I feel the story ,
It may be a sense that it is better to say that the story floats up.
I want to wear in such a scene, I want to wear such a feeling, such an item that seems to think of the scene is very much in the MASU's clothes.
I wrote at the beginning of the blog but I
Feel the season
Image of place
Smell and video come floating
I like such music.
Since I feel the feeling of the clothes made by MASU, it may be a brand of this brand every season.
I think so.
The season has just started.
I am looking forward to the 21SS season starting in mind.
Takahata Hiroki
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239





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