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This week, a soft sun's sunshine that is likely to warm up a little more day, and at the same time warmer to the heart.
A certain brand receiving party, a town, is taken from the weekend.
Speaking of which, I was taking a walk. Walk for less than 1 hour and walk home I finished shopping. I noticed that there was a fairly small shrine on the back of my house.
"There was such a thing."
As if I realized, I climbed about 10 stairs and went through a small torii. Ring the bell at the hall where there is no coin box.
Correctly, I had to meet you so far that I had spent a feeling that I did not notice it until now.
The time was dusk. The sun's day, which has changed from several trees along the side of the approach.
It was the moment I felt the comfortable "Kobo" at the time of twilight.
Notified image of Minus 21AW's ordering party
At Palette Art Alive OS AKA
5/14 (FRI.) to 5/17 (Mon.)
I worked hard to make a collection with "on" clothes for "off" in the "Corona". "
And Designer Fujimoto.
It is a tailer made of Mallskin, or setup slacks can be easily washed. First of all, I was able to felt from where I could feel the work.
From the season, about half and about 70% items are created negative themselves, which greatly increases the parts that can be regarded. Normally 1 cm, about 1.2 cm wide "not sewed" and branded part of the brand such as the neck part of the neck part. Also, I was able to get a sword of items that closer to customers such as regulation of length and express damage by discussion.
The next plan to felt the wonderfulness of hand-to-hand work is also done at the same time.
Notified image of Minus 21AW's ordering party
"100years Jeans Project"
This project entitled is not something we alone.
First, please check the following nine rules.
Welcome to this project. (Welcome to this plan)
1.Bring Your Worn Down Jeans. (Bringing a good jeans)
2. Discuss with US. (discussing with us)
3.Decide How Many Years Ageing. (I decide how many years of aging)
4. Choice Technics. (DAMEGED & REPAIRED, SASHIKO) (Select the technique to use)
5. Write Your Order Seat. (Write your order sheet)
6. Look Forward. (Looking forward)
7. You Do Not Talk About This Project. (Don't talk about this plan)
8.Walking Towards Tomorrow, Arrived The Jeans. (If jeans arrived, it will be on tomorrow)
9.and Love The People On Your Side. (And I'm happy to be a person around you)
Denims that you have and have a long-time donim, and denim, negative for many years, this plan is completed for the first time.
Denim, which is no longer gone, will be reborn again to new denim.
The new one is what you make and negative.
Where do you put any damage, whether you put a repair now, I would like you to think of it from this moment.
I feel the true sustainable for this project. Isn't it one of what we have to do most of what we have to do most because of its value.
Notified image of Minus 21AW's ordering party
Designer Fujimoto will be eliminated for 4 days and you will create a nice time.
Then this weekend 5/14 Friday,
Thank you very much.
Image of MINUS Repair Denim
Reference image of Minus's 21AW
Reference image of Minus's 21AW
Image of fighting club fight
Image of Fight Club
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TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
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