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Tokyo is Okachimachi.
Last August
It was about two years to go to the city with Ame lying.
Why do you go to that city that is not very famous?
When I was not at all, I was decided to Tokyo at night and I was going to Tokyo by night bus.
In order to heal tired bodies to wear a long trip with 5 to 6 o'clock in the morning without any vacant morning, I always went to a public bath that is vacant bath early in the morning of Tsuyoshi.
Hot hot water boat, body gets up,
Let's enjoy the day!
I feel like that.
However, this time I went to the city is not the reason to go to the public bath.
I visited for the reason to go to a brand exhibition.
I had to come outside the public bath in this city.
While thinking so, I arrived a room for about 10 minutes walking from the station.
It was a room immediately after raising the elevator.
When I got a little tense, the smell of incense was foilled, and there were a lot of clothes there.
"Nice to meet you."
I was talking while talking while I was tense, and I thought it was an intuition and I thought it was an intuition.
When I say hello, I feel that I was already an eye on my clothes.
I want to wear this clothes early. I love the chest.
"Please wear a lot for the time being."
While talking to words, while talking about various clothes,
Perhaps a full lineup was worn.
Only two exhibition halls of me and designer are:
At that moment, I think that the air of the happiness was more than anywhere.
I will check out in the title.
The brand is
Nobuyuki Matsui
It is said.
Nobuyuki Matsui
designer Matsui Shinyuki fashion brand
He has been major teaching and psychology after graduating high school, and enrolled in London College of Fashion in 2011.
He studied men's wear and won a fashion contest Fashion Scout for London Fashion Week's young designer and held a runway show. Then he returning home with young Maison.
From the Fall / Winter Fall / Winter Collection, the brand "Nobuyuki Matsui", which crown his own name, starts in earnest.
He announces bespoke clothes in a collection format.
From the pattern to sewing and dough processing, everything will be handed out, and it will be announced as an artwork as a custom-made clothes.
LOOK image of Nobuyukimatsui 21SS
LOOK image of Nobuyukimatsui 21SS
LOOK image of Nobuyukimatsui 21SS
LOOK image of Nobuyukimatsui 21SS
LOOK image of Nobuyukimatsui 21SS
LOOK image of Nobuyukimatsui 21SS
This season is from the words that Belgium's dancer was saying
Imagine plants and go to design.
For example, cardigans like ivy crawling and textiles like moss, color palettes, color palettes that recall nature.
It is not a clothes that feels natural, and it will be fun to wear nature only because it is difficult to go far.
1st Delivery in Double Front Shirts, Cardigan, Thai Big Tobry on the Shirt Bull Zone.
Reaction is good, and there is also one item of the last one before notifying it.
Everyone, early.
LOOK image of Nobuyukimatsui 21SS
↓ ↓ Online Shop ↓
A lot of outstanding clothes with a large number of ready-made clothes.
Of course, the greatness of sewing is,
Nobuyuki Matsui, which also stuffed to detail such as patterns, textiles, buttons, etc.
I would like to see you directly.
Then everyone will tomorrow.
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239





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