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Today is immediately.
Rajabrook × KEEN shoes
Rajabrook × KEEN
Hoodchucka WP
Familiar at the Nagoya store, with Rajabrook
KEEN, a shoe brand from Portland, USA
Rajabroken is
Southeast Asian culture with designers
We propose through fashion.
KEEN is the theme of "sandals beyond shoes"
Functional shoes that can be used in amphibious shoes and outdoor scenes
Developed items.
Rajabrook × KEEN shoes
Rajabrook × KEEN shoes
Rajabrook × KEEN shoes
Rajabrook × KEEN shoes
Uses KEEN's unique waterproof and moisture permeability and heat retention material
The upper has a battic pattern unique to Rajabrook.
The feeling of wearing is very light and a micro frice is used for the lining, so
Outstanding heat retention, a feeling of wearing is a pair without complaints.
It can be supported not only for city youth but also for outdoor scenes, so
I would like you to wear it for camping lovers.
Rajabrook × KEEN shoes
Rajabrook × KEEN shoes
Functionality that responds to the climate of Southeast Asia
A collaboration like Rajabrook, which is dropped into fashion.
I want it too.
12/24 (Fri) 12: 00 ~
Store & EC simultaneous release
Please check this opportunity.
Rapper based in Kobe,
A movie modeled on anddy toy Store is also released.
Please see here as well.
Rice field
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