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At the time of sometimes the time of the blog,
This season I feel that I have the remaining two new brands.
Actually, both are already in stock and just show you all.
2 Brands, Britain is based in London,
The shadow of the UK will become stronger, I think this store.
(After all, there may not be such a thing, but LittleBig is
We are familiar with the British culture and the music is cool and the British cool. )
Wear and jewelry.
Jewelry Brand RATHEL & WOLF (Razel And Wolf)
We will introduce you.
(Razel and Wolf)
Sari RazzelSari Ratedel) And Richarda Wolf (Ricarda WolfBe2Jewelry brand based in London by people's designer.
We are characterized by creations directly on the body, and we are exploring new form designs that cover existing gender identity and body recognition, and the practices of jewelry designs and possibilities.
Earrings are worn by tension or clip expression, and are designed to be a piercing hole, and are designed to match the body.
2Love for people's design was expressed through architecture, art, fashion and a wide range of projects.
Lazzelle through unique launch events, such as art, performance, reading that reflects the body and Wolf's unique jewelry design's world view is shared.
Wear image of RATHEL & WOLF 21SS
Wearing Rathel & Wolf 21sss Tamika
Wearing Ratedel & Wolf 21sss Jesse
Wearing Patrissenecklace of Rathel & Wolf 21sss
Wearing Patrissenecklace of Rathel & Wolf 21sss
Wearing Rathel & Wolf 21sss Tamika
Wearing image of Rathel & Wolf's 21SS Tatrick
"Health Contemporary Art"
As of this word, the high jewelry of art elements was put this time
I often experience that young people have many opportunities to touch art, and palette is the foundation.
Not only the thoughts.
(Art to learn from Yuki Hashimto.)
I felt that there was an exhibition that there was a very good chemical reaction for the current palette.
For example, at the exhibition of the same day as the other brand mentioned above,
After seeing RATHEL & WOLF, I went to see the brand,
It is a good sense.
If this brand is represented by a graph, it is modern, mode and extremely transit, it is natural before,
The brand is Artisan, so it's beautiful.
By combining here, it is not possible to styling more than anyone else now?
I felt so.
Of course, it is also compatible with other brands.
Not only can fethico women's ease can be used to limit,
Jewelry can also be further enhanced by combining with a slightly casual brand.
This brand is a side of the side and can be the leading role
Such a rare jewelry brand.
Not only women, but also jewelry that can be enjoyed by men,
The modern shape also feels building elements
Actually I also like men.
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Well, I will return to the beginning,
The unveiling of the last one brand is scheduled to be 3/27.
Introduction of styling with this brand is also later.
No, I would like everyone to enjoy it before introducing it.
Well then, See you tomorrow.

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TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239




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