After 30 years

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good evening.
It is Satorita.
Until today's [-] minus 21AW ordering party.
Thank you very much for your visit.
Denim's custom events held on Saturday are also great success!
Please look forward to the new form of Denim.
(Because I also asked, so fun)
It was better to talk in that custom event
Cart Cobin (below).
Also crash denim, damage denim
I came to see in a fashion scene
Because it is "pioneer = pioneer".
Today's blog
I would like to touch my cart.
I knew myself, and I knew the cart.
At that time, Western music around my friend
 Lock and HIP-HOPIt was popular regardless of genre.
A band called Nirvarna who heard such a day and one day.
Speaking of the impression at that time
"What is this. I'm sorry."
A sake baked husky singing voice and a melody that remains in the ear.
A cart that comes out if you check them.
I was shocked to a sweet mask that feels singing voice and gap
I still remember.
At that time I liked to listen to music than clothes, so
"The fact is to fashion to fashion ~"
There was no such thing. Lol
Now that time is flowing and fashion
After all I feel that the impact on his fashion is immeasurable.
Not only the crash denim written at the beginning,
Mohair Cardigan, Nelshirt, Converse,
Fox type sunglasses.
Pajamas if you give another one more.
So-called nightwear was dropped into fashion
He also created a style.
KIIT 21SS Pajamas Shirt
KIIT 21SS Pajamas Shirt
KIIT 21SS Pajamas Shirt
Toricotine Pajama Pants
Pajamas that most materials such as cotton, linen and satin are used.
Kiit pajamas shirt uses tricotin.
The ridge is high and has a texture similar to Gavadine.
Good feeling, keep the feeling of relaxing pajamas as it is
It produces elegant dresses.
KIIT 21SS Pajamas Shirt
syu 21ss pajamas shirt
syu 21ss pajamas shirt
syu 21ss pajamas shirt
Syu.homme / femm
Hang-out pajama shirts
This is a pajamas shirt that played play.
It is one wearing a variety of expressions in a layered.
Changes in lifestyle in Corona.
Even if you are at home, you can enjoy fashion even if you have a lot of time
I feel the message from SYU.
Syu 21ss pajamas shirt
The style of the grunge created by the cart.
About 30 years after birth,
It has been proposed by various approaches.
Definitely to talk about fashion
I think it is an essential style.
Pajamas shirt with a sense of relaxing with a soft fabric feel,
Even in the coming season, it will still be active.
Please try to challenge.
Thank you very much tonight.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
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TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
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