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good evening.
It is Satorita.
The other day, a friend who can be said to be a close friend in Nagoya has reached birthday.
Because it is the same age, 25 years old.
I was asked to talk about my aspiration,
I was impressed by that,
"I want everyone to be happy"
Is it a monk? And it is about
A huge abstract word.
But I felt wonderful.
Surely I think I was saying my thing.
I think it's okay to say it.
There is that idea in the corner of the head
A word that does not come out to the opening No. 1.
I thought that he was the best of others' happiness.
I have to learn too,
I had a good friend.
Let's go to the product introduction today.
SHINYAKOZUKA 21SS Dress With Rayn Spooner
Dress with Reyn Spooner
SHINYAKOZUKA collaborating with multiple brands this term.
Among them, it is an introduction of collaboration items that can be said to be an eyeball.
First of all about Reyn Spooner,
It is a pioneer of Hawaiian shirt,
As soon as 60 years have passed, as a brand representing Hawaii
It is loved all over the world.
The history of "REYN SPOONER" is
In 1956 in California and Hawaii
Founder Rain Macflow, who succeeded in a gentleman clothing store,
At that time, Oahu Waikiki Beach is custom made
With Lose Spooner, who sells surf trunks
It starts from when I met.
Two people set up tags and in 1962 at "Ala Moana Shopping Center",
"REYN SPOONER" was born.
Even though 60 years have ever installed a new design even now
We are making things with pride of "Hawaian Traditional". 
(From the brand official page)
Shinyakozuka 21sss Summer with Reyn Spooner
Shinyakozuka 21sss Summer with Reyn Spooner
Shinyakozuka 21sss Summer with Reyn Spooner
Shinyakozuka 21sss Summer with Reyn Spooner
The shirt has a long type with an extremely long length.
When the button is closed, it becomes an atmosphere like the dress,
For neutral impression.
Conversely, when the button is opened, it changes to the impression of the coat,
To the impression of a sexual man.
Target Long Length, and only an atmosphere of no atmosphere.
Shinyakozuka 21sss Summer with Reyn Spooner
Shinyakozuka 21sss Summer with Reyn Spooner
The pattern used this time is a typical pattern of brand
"Lahaina Saiilor".
If you look closely, the handle is blurred.
This pattern is the original of Shnyakozuka.
I do not know from the distance, and I can see it and see the blur
In mysterious finish.
This is the respect for Reyn Spooner
It is also captured by expressing the world view of Shinyakozuka.
The fabric used is also called spooner kloth
I reproduce the original fabric.
Mixed spinning of polyester and cotton.
It is a material with a sense of breathability and hard to become a wrinkle.
When passing through the sleeves for the first time, there is a feeling of wearing a little bit,
It becomes soft while repeating wearing and washing,
You can also enjoy your change.
Shinyakozuka 21sss Summer with Reyn Spooner
Collaboration of the current fiscal year.
The unique Aloha's view of the unique Aloha proposed by Shinyakozuka.
How about seeing this opportunity?
Besides the items introduced today
There is a development, so please check and look.
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Thank you for tonight!
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239





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