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good evening.
It is Satorita.
URIG 21AW until yesterday
Thank you very much for visiting the store.
Several weeks in the past week,
I feel that there were many blogs and notifications.
Friendly, blog at the beginning
The columnatic guy has not been able to do it at all,
While feeling, lol
As long as
"Sakoda-kun Sabo"
Some people may be thinking, laughs
That's why the recent music situation.
Excuse me that work is busy
I did not have a lot of dign,
Music is listening properly.
After all, it is basically HIP-HOP.
Among them, I listen to the calm songs.
I do not know which genre should be said,
1960-1980's jazz, funk
Sampled black music
I can not see a song.
It is a very old song.
Please listen to you.
Then, to the product introduction of today
Let's go.
Shinayakozuka 21sss Taperde Baggy
Tapared Baggy
Buggy pants that can be said to be a standard of brand.
A new work appears in this term.
Shinayakozuka 21sss Taperde Baggy
The same as the conventional thick buggy contains two tacks.
By this matter, it is possible to smooth around and there is a sense of relaxation.
And the relaxation feeling is inconsistent and can be worn in the above-mentioned tack.
And because you are using cotton twill,
It is tough and can be done without washing.
(Please be careful only to move color)
Shinayakozuka 21sss Taperde Baggy
SHINYA21SS Tapered Baggy
It is also an item name,
Taperard Silhouette is the biggest feature.
It may be difficult to be transmitted if it is a photo,
It is very good.
Shinayakozuka 21sss Taperde Baggy
Because it is good,
Excellent compatibility with elegant items.
Even if you are not good at thick pants
It is recommended.
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Thank you very much tonight.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
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TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
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