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good evening.
It is an apple!
At the end of the year
4 days left this year.
It is very early one year.
Today I will be the last blog last year.
One year and two months have passed since joining
There were various events this year.
In this way, it is also possible to work with Palette
There is a "edge" with various people.
Go to the exhibition,
I went to Nagoya store at work.
More than anything this year
By standing at the store
There were a lot of wonderful encounters with customers.
It was just a year I could do with the "edge".
Thank you for one year.
Also wonderful encounter,
Wishes that "Edge" is born
I would like to have a new year.
The shop is open until 12/30 days of the year
Because the staff also works on all the best
Please come by any time!
You can see your healthy face
I'm looking forward to it!
This is the second time
Used in shooting with Parkiiing
Item introduction and styling proposal!
Styling image using Lenz Pleded Skirt
Styling images using SOE Leather Tweed Bomber
Styling image using Lenz Pleded Skirt
The first styling is
"Natural beige make a brown bear ash"
To the casual taste by saying.
The knit woven with various colored threads
The touch gives a good impression.
A relaxed silhouette
An item of a unique silhouette with a spread of the cuff.
Connect a string with a tassel on the waist
To the one point of styling!
Styling image of Lenz 20ss PLEATED SKIRT   
Soft white shades
A bright atmosphere by combining the yellow item.
Shiny Pleated Skirt
Pleat processing is different for each place
Movement appears in the skirt and light is hit
It is an interesting item because the gloss condition also changes.
Skirt itself is a wrap skirt
Waist adjustment is also free of free ◎
It is recommended item because it can be worn all year round!
Styling images using SOE Leather Tweed Bomber
Another pattern
"Black-haired waves with clear makeup"
Cool bomber jacket switched with sleeves and body
I gave up an adult atmosphere by wearing.
For short length jacket
Pants with high waist position,
And at the foot, leather boots.
I tried to express the power strength of women tailored to hair makeup.
The line of the pants contains a line
Style up with leg length effect ◎
It is the styling you want to try to try women.
Styling images using SOE Leather Tweed Bomber
   Styling images using SOE Leather Tweed Bomber
The soft texture of the jackdock is comfortable
Bomber jacket.
With bowtie
The gatter that has entered the shoulder is a detail point.
The sleeve part is also characteristic
Wool Angola Mohair
Various types of yarns are mixed.
The color of the yarn is also white, black, brown and various
For a stylish color that is totally incorporated.
Because there is no thickness, from this top
It is possible to wear coats and jackets!
Styling images using SOE Leather Tweed Bomber 
Leather with red gloves
For styling accents.
By incorporating accessories
You can make a difference between around!
Please try it!
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I am waiting for tomorrow!
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239




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