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"Shanghai Concession"
About 100 years from the 1840s to the 1940s,
The UK Shanghai was in the United States, France, Japan
Multiple country culture was mixed.
I want you to imagine.
Architecture, food and entertainment
It is put in one city.
In the current era, it can not be easily.
Surely something is gorgeous.
It seems that there were also Japanese who actually moved in love.
But if you change the perspective,
How is the feeling of Shanghai people who originally lived.
The local community suddenly has been able to change the foreigner.
I hate it if I am.
Local people who have such a thought to foreigners in the chest
It may have been.
Shanghai Concession
Somewhat visible to this surface
Dark called Shanghai Mafia
I had a dangerous side by the presence.
Solaris 21SS Look
Solaris 21SS Look
Solaris 21SS Look
Solaris 21SS Look
Solaris 21SS Look
Solaris 21SS Look
Solaris 21SS Look
Solaris & CO.
"Shanghai Concession"
Collection that expresses two pole-like two sides of glossy and danger.
Sudden, but
I like soraris.
Always attract to the theme of every season.
There is a stage in the theme,
What is the world view or image from the stage.
The 19th season, 19th season, starts from Tokyo.
Last Spring-Summer is a Safari Resort in Colombia,
Fall and Winter Western United States.
And this time is Shanghai.
From here, it is a personal interpretation,
Just looking at the soralis collection
I feel like traveling through the world.
Travel-like designer, Mr. Toshio Hayashi
What you have seen would be reflected in the collection.
Products introduced today are
Solaris & CO. Introduction of the need for a journey that is creation.
Solaris 21SS Denim Setup
10 oz denim jacket
10 oz denim pants
Setup of elegant Indigo denim.
Solaris 21SS Denim Setup
Solaris 21SS Denim Setup
Denim jacket is
Back side with pleats,
Furthermore, because the back pleats are also centered at the center
It has a three-dimensional and easy-to-move structure.
Tack button, rivet, buckle
All exposed brasses are used,
Use a bracket that tastes with Denim's aging.
Such fine considerations are attracted points.
Solaris 21SS Denim Setup
Solaris 21SS Denim Pants
Solaris 21SS Denim PAMTS
Pants are
Design to raise the hip line and look at the foot for a long time.
Because the length is set a little longer,
It is also recommended to put it in accumulating like a picture.
This is also a jacket similar bracket.
Solaris 21SS Denim Jacket
Both jackets and pants are
10 oz about the item name.
oz (ounce) is a unit of fabric weight,
Basic Denim's ounces are 12-13.
I think it can be understood that it is a relatively light denim.
The feeling of appearance of the appearance is very soft and very soft,
It is also characteristic that it is easy to wear.
It will be served in various situations.
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Thank you very much tonight.
I was sorry last week!
I returned from today and wrote a long-lasting blog resting.
Thank you to the end.
Thank you again tomorrow.
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