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good evening.






It is Satorita.





If you notice it, December.


2020 will be soon

I'm trying to finish it.


November's day off.


Her mother pulls her aunt,

She came to Nagoya to play.


All sights of Nagoya

Take various things,

It was quite hard one day.


"I played out

What time since then, "


I thought.


From around 10 generations,

There is also adolescence

I'm embarrassed to play

I was in a back.



Now I am an adult

I feel that I noticed the importance of that time.


If you go to travel someday,


It was a day when I thought such a thing! Lol


Then, to the product introduction of today

Let's go!


Rajaroooke jacket and pants styling images 
Kerja jacket 2
Kerja pants 2



Rajabrooke proposes

Introducing recommended setup.


About Kerja

Mainly in Southeast Asian languages

"Work" and "work".


Local people are wearing

Received inspiration from work clothes

Made setup.


Rajaroooke jacket and pants styling images
Rajaroooke jacket and pants styling images


Rajaroooke jacket and pants styling images


If you replace it with a perspective in Japan,

Of site work system seen in the city

The sense of that clothes wearing.


Southeast Asia Ver ..


If you say so, until then,

It is a new and good meaning somewhere.


However, it is not only a good thing.


With Lagrange sleeve

Not too much just

Exquisite silhouette

I am dissolved in fashion well,


It is a sense of discomfort anywhere

It may be a point.


Rajaroooke jacket and pants styling images


Rajaroooke jacket and pants styling images


Rajaroooke jacket and pants styling images
It can also be said to pants.
If it is just work clothes
I think it will be an item like Nikka Pokka.
But this pants
It is exquisite thickness.
Good comfort and good,
Not only the wild items
With beautiful items like shirts
It is also good.
In your wardrobe
You will add an accent.
Rajaroooke jacket and pants styling images


Southeast Asian culture
Cut out at a unique point of view
Collection at your own angle
I am developing.
When the designer is a childhood,
She actually lived
In addition to the fact,
We are still visiting the local regularly.
When I met at the exhibition,
Tell me a lot about the local area.
"Local people
When asked if it is fashionable
That's not so,
Take the climate and lifestyle
It is uniquely dressed.
It is fresh in Japan,
There is also a sense of discomfort. "
I summarized, but
I had such a thing.
Rajaroooke 20AW LOOK image


Rajaroooke 20AW LOOK image
Deploy with Palette Art Alive Nagoya,
A brand that creates a unique atmosphere.
Please take it in your hand.
Honestly, those who actually wear
I think goodness is transmitted.
For your styling
Sophisticated discomfort.
Tomorrow 12/5 (Sat), 12/6 (Sun)
2 days from Osaka store
Ladies Staff's apple-chan
It stands at the store in Nagoya!
When you get near you
Please come and visit!
For the first time with the ring
I stand at the store together,
I can not usually taste everyone
I hope you enjoy the customer service.
looking forward to!
(I'm looking forward to it! Laughs)
Thank you for tonight!
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.







[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239




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