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December 17th
I went to Arashiyama with his friend, which was a holiday.
A friend who went together
Like Hippie, wish love and peace from the bottom of the heart,
I sing songs in Tokyo.
Get off Arashiyama Station and I try to go to a bamboo forest,
"Let's go here"
His word is Kikkake,
I walked the road along the river without much people.
How far will it go.
I was walking without knowing.
About 10 minutes, I was walking along the river
· Open heart
· Polish the soul
· Taste life
A signboard written came out.
"What is this, really good words or"
If you start walking again, this time
"Great View in Kyoto
And it was the same character.
Well, will we arrive at the temple when you follow here?
What temples will be.
I'm interested and my feet got faster.
When the sun began to sink a little,
Finally I went to the entrance.
Time was a little more than 16:30
The opening time is until 16 o'clock,
I did not fit a little.
When I returned to the station, he taught me for me.
"Don't think about anything. If you have no heart, feel something from your fingertips.
The sense of senses will extend much and when it goes through it,
It will be one of the earth. Then you can be more gentle. "
He always teaches me something.
Of course, music is really affected by the way of thinking.
It will continue to be friends with him.
MASU 21SS LOOK images
Spring Summer Collection
"Stay Friend"
Below, from Mr. Goto Goto.
About the environment surrounding the surroundings in Corona
I think it was an opportunity to think carefully.
And how much you can
You should have reconfirmed if it is connected.
I organized the closet during the stay home period.
It is just a friend like a friend that remained there.
Even if he has reduced the opportunity to wear
It is believed to be believed to give fresh pleasure next year.
It can be said that I met the fatefully while I felt such a thing
"When choosing something, choose a friend"
The word.
I want to like someone's friends.
I made such a thoughtful thing
It is a collection that extracted elements from ⺠.
MASU 21SS LOOK images
MASU 21SS LOOK images
MASU 21SS LOOK images
MASU 21SS LOOK images
MASU 21SS LOOK images
Products in arrival in 1st delivery are used by the above LOOK
Coat, jacket, shirt, best.
Let's take a look at the image for wearing it immediately.
Masu 21SS shirt styling image
Masu 21SS shirt styling image
MASU 21SS Glassjacket Styling Image
Masu 21sss zipupglassshirts styling images
Styling image of Masu's 21SS ShatteredglassVest
This season who got stumbling from pottery etc.
Graphic is also very beautiful,
For shirts, jackets, etc.
I would like to see it by carefully.
Today I would like to introduce my coat.
Others will look forward to writing later.
Styling image of Overtrenchcoat of Masu 21sss
Styling image of Overtrenchcoat of Masu 21sss
Styling image of Overtrenchcoat of Masu 21sss
Styling image of Overtrenchcoat of Masu 21sss
Styling image of Overtrenchcoat of Masu 21sss  
Trench coat created in the over size.
Textile is great and I was fascinated by the fabric.
Soft fabric in the surface is
Tweeds weaving while mixing four colored nepats.
In tweed fabric, the irregularities of the spread finished with brush and
It represents the depth of the color where natural soil produces.
Furthermore, it can be seen not only the other but also to the lining.
Use a fabric called Cotton × Silk Loan.
Loans commonly used in spring-summer shirts are
A well-known material with a very good touch of the touch.
In the MASU, in this place,
I will receive a sense of every season.
Styling image of Overtrenchcoat of Masu 21sss
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There is a word that is related to the ⺠⺠ when choosing a friend.

In the present age where the value changes rapidly, the choice is urgent every day.

How much do you have a connection with the existence that you can trust?

Watches born from your mind will make your life rich.

When choosing, choose a friend.

An important friend, and an important clothes.
What do you think?
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