Sugarhill 2021 Spring / Summer Collection START!

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good evening.
It is Satorita.
Today, my story is always withdrawn. .
Sugarhill 21sss
I finally started.
Released from 1/24 yesterday.
A lot of visitors Thank you very much!
Online shop is also an ugly response
Sold out items are coming soon.
This time by 1st Derivery
We will introduce the theme of this term.
Sugarhill 21sss
Sugarhill 21sss
Sugarhill 21sss
"acid beat"
Focused on a hippy calper
Especially from the late 1960s to the 1970s
Psychedelic Rock Artist
Images and manufactured.
There are various theories about hippies,
For severe discipline of Christian Maintenance
Counter Culture is originated.
From here, for this collection
My opinion is my opinion.
It is essential to talk about hippical chars
It was held in New York in the United States in 1969
"Wood Stock Festival"
A legendary festival was held.
In this festival
Beginning with Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana,
Top artists at that time participate,
Mobilized approximately 500,000 people.
In this age, Vietnam War is held,
The American citizens should have been a very dark atmosphere.
The intention of anti-war against the country,
It was this festival that I wish for love and peace.
If you want to talk,
The time when the designer produced this collection,
Last year 5, July.
Last year's time
Emergency declaration by coronavirus
It is time when it was out.
It is not a war,
For the future future of Designer Forest Toshida
I think it is a collection with a wish.
When I look at the LOOK,
It seems to be a gun bullet under the amplifier speaker
What is scattered
I feel the collection's bow line.
It is a smart person.
Sugarhill 21sss
It is cool without saying that
There is no doubt, but
If you look at that point of view
The coolness of sugarhill is
You should be transmitted.
↓ ↓ Online Shop ↓
1st Dreivery
Classic series,
New Bell Bottom Denim's type 2 and leather.
I wrote at the beginning,
Since sold out items are also coming out
If you are aiming, early.
Thank you very much tonight.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239




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