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good evening.
It is an apple!
By the way, 21SS stand up
Ladies and new works will be incised one after another!
New arrival will be excited
It is also fun to take a picture! ! !
I feel better.
Even those who can not carry foot on the store with Corona vortices
Because you can feel free to contact us at phone or DM
Please contact us!
This time, we introduce new Tiit's new work!
TIIT TOKYO 21SS look image  
2021 Spring Summer Collection
"Beachside indigo"
"Dream drawn everyday"
Drawed from a unique view of the concept
Announced elegant and lyrical collections.
Pull out delicate colored materials that build up with the production area
Expand sophisticated contemporary wear.
This time I was drawn on the theme of beautiful seaside landscape
Ireland movie
"Ondine Sea Lover"
It is a collection depicting to inspiration.
Beautiful depiction drawn in various blue
A story that prepends a fairy tale and reality crossing
I'm dropping into the design.
This movie is an Ireland movie of 2009 production.
One of one fisherman goes out in the sea and has been pulled fishnet
One woman was caught.
The woman named myself with Ondine
She comes from among the water and she tells her.
She continues because she came and fish good fishing.
However, her clan starts to move her.
Why she is a mermaid,
Or. .
A simple synopsis that is an integral part.
There is also a love story and there is also a suspense.
It is a movie that is very drawn with only notice.
↓ 予 Preliminary notice ↓
 TIIT TOKYO 21SS look image
 TIIT TOKYO 21SS look image
This is the tops and skirt setup items
Tops are right shoulders, skirts have a code on the left side
Designs that can be gathered.
Slimic border is a beautiful line item.
   TIIT TOKYO 21SS look image
TIIT TOKYO 21SS look image
This item is also in Tops and Cami Sole One Piece
When you wear it together with the designed design, the set feeling is ◎
Items that gather on the entire surface.
It is good even if it wound on the waist like a photo
Even if it wound around the neck, it is fashionable and cute styling.
Since the strap is quite long and rubber
How much it is possible to wind.
It is wonderful with the design with seaweed of the sea.
TIIT TOKYO 21SS look images
Straight line dress.
It is characterized by the wider width and spreading so far.
Make a layer (switching) a layer to one piece
It represents the land of mermaid land expressing fish mushrooms.
TIIT TOKYO 21SS look image TIIT TOKYO 21SS look image
This is not yet arrived
Delicate items with ribs and racing knitting combined!
On Dyne (human fish) role in the film
Reproduction of her dressed dress with knitwear.
It is also a gradient
It looks beautiful and beautiful.
Color is scheduled to arrive at BLACK!
TIIT TOKYO 21SS look image
If you see textile and color actually
I am very beautiful, so I am waiting for you at the store!
↓ ↓ Online Shop ↓
I am waiting for tomorrow!
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