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I felt that I met a lot of people last year, but I thought that I had grown in half a year.
In this fashion life, how many people can convey to how many people.
What is a seller?
What can be done through Palette Art Alive.
by the way,
What is an ideal male image that I think is cool.
At the MASU show, I was able to think about the ideal male statue for me when I had a big demand for the ideal male image of Mr. Goto.
The moment I touched fashion for the first time is a first grader, but I think it was a little more feminine at that time. The hair is a little longer Bosabosa, the eyes are duplicated, the eyes are duplicate and it was very embarrassed, but it was a good idea to be cute and university students, so it could not be male. I would like to say that I would like to say that I would like to say anything that I would like to say this way.
When I remembered once, I felt that I was in love with people who are doing men's men in Macho. It's not something that is not something that can be done, it's hard to get it. Still I'm me. I accept me and I had to continue me, I had a lot of conflict.
Sometimes has been a professional fashion, and some extent can be understood as a professional. It is a brand or culture. Not only the knowledge of that, but also your own aspiration and such self-analysis.
When I started buying my clothes myself, this is good, that's good, all good. I was bought even if I wanted it. However, the famous, the weather, I did not give it a hand, I did not look at it but I did not know anything. Such a place was very good, but I was able to do something like this, and it was a lot of time, and until I entered the palette. After entering the palette, it will be revived about the Japanese brand that is said to be reluctantly good by being involved in baid.
Collections of famous famina were not only the seasons, but also the past. Because it was when I joined the company, it was the time of 2018 SS. A certain brand increases the moment, and when you raise the brand to the highest peak in Japan. For some brands, the beginning of the beginning. And, I wanted to introduce everyone from Kore, a brand was when I went to a fashion show in Tokyo to commemorate the 20th anniversary.
Toga 2018 Spring Summer Collection Look
TOGA Archives 2018SS felt like he had to tell me an ideal male image that was not yet done in fashion. I did not have a lot of discipline collection of overseas collections, but I had not seen a lot of LOOK in Runway. Of course, it seems to have seen it in a way, but it did not have seen it to observe it carefully.
It was a man who was a collection of Women's Collection to flow in 1st Look. Now various ways of thinking are accepted for sex in Japan, but I was shocked at that time. I remember that it was said that it was a girl and think about gender. Then, I'm interested in this brand that became an opportunity to think.
First of all, I went to the past collection and designer various things and went there. Toga Pulla's ladyline, TOGA VIRILIS 's mens line is a slight change in the name. I was able to absorb everything from 0 because I had never heard of the famous name of TOGA.
I felt that I was able to touch a little ideal male image on Toga Virilis.
Classic jacket style various ornaments, western shirts, and a little feminine frill shirt. It was a style that I wanted to do. In a beautiful jacket slack, a dress shirt instead of combining leather shoes, I want to fit denim, and I want to match the Western shirt. I wanted to felt a new wave as well as one fixed style.
Toga Viriis 2021AW LOOK images
It has been a day of last year, and I was able to talk about TOGA VIRILIS.
I have never seen a collection about three years from that time, but I reveded a lot of articles, such as a designer Oshida's interview.
I got more knowledge I realized that her mens clothes are also very empathy. Oh, I will continue the shock I felt at that time now.
Looking at full-lineup directly, the exhibition was very fun for the first time. I love my favorite tailer first. Yeah, it's very good. Together, next will pass the sleeves to the frill shirt. Paisley textile that feels Western. The set of Zip-up blouson is the Wide Eye Trouzer where the code with a big tack has a big tack.
There is also a favorite hair band.
It was like my favorite treasure chest. There is no selling line. It became a fully felt felt for this brand's buewing.
Wear 2021 AW of Toga Viriis
Wear 2021 AW of Toga Viriis
Wear 2021 AW of Toga Viriis
Wear 2021 AW of Toga Viriis
Wear 2021 AW of Toga Viriis
How much did you wait for this day?
There was a lot of people who have a good friend in advance for new brands, but they have reached today without saying.
Several people will be surprised. Those who have always knew the palette from old days may be particularly. I want you to get in touch with a sense of interest.
Under such circumstances, it will be lonished from the store and Online Shop from 12:00 tomorrow.
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This is an ideal male image that I felt for the first time in life.
Please see everyone.
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