× Yuki Hashimoto 10/28 (Wed.) - 11/5 (Thu.)

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good evening.
Mysterious thing overflowing in the world.
Starting from natural phenomena
A real story like a lie.
Art is a kind of case that is in me.
It is close to the street magic
Suddenly attacked by encounter
I can not resist by knowing
I have been destroyed myself so far.
It is planted new ego.
I can not return to myself when I did not know.
This ended the murder, but
With the severe patient with the remaining sequelae.
Dark and deeply stick to memory.
I asked Mr. Hashimoto took this
It is stored that it was about when the late summer was severe.
It was special.
It is also said that he has won a fashion award that is a brand
It may be big
With the artist chosen on the theme
Mr. Hashimoto's beauty of the designed product.
2020 AW Collection produces a collection on the theme of fantasy mystery films.
Artwork of the Belgian artist, Rinus Van de Velde (hereinafter referred to as Rinus),
"Villagers" is a stem source.
One day I imagined the police officer involved in the case that happened in a small country street in America
Big Silhouette's "Work Best",
"Shadow Check Pattern Nelshirt" reminiscent of the population.
Workcoat, etc., which imaged various people surrounding that incident
It expresses the world view with an item composition that associates "a small town and one day (case)".
From the brand above.

Graphics in the image.
This is a trip to Antwerp, Hashimoto
An old key chain purchased at the Sue Venea Shop.
Break it.
Scratch the silver and smoke.
The serial number was also engraved to the luxury
All I made a special silver jewelry of one point made with handmade.
3 points only.
It is only three points in the world.
Period from 10/28 (Wed) to 11/5 (Thu), along with its sales
Held Yuki Hashimoto 20/21AW MORE VARIATION.
Collection piece that did not line up in the store
Look at the store for a limited time.
Commemorating Launch
Under designer supervision, part of the Palette display
Dye in the color of yuki hashimoto.
Also 30 (Fri), 31 (Sat) for 2 days
Have fun with the view of the brand
Supplies are also available
I also enjoyed it.
It is scheduled to be released from ONLINE SHOP on 10/29 (Thu).
Item details are dare
I'm going down.
I will tell you only with a very special jewelry.
There is no interval until release, but please wait for a while.
We look forward to your visit to your visit.

[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX:06-6586-9560

[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX:052-684-7239


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