Yuki Hashimoto 2021AW "Blue Sky Construction" START.

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"The events who hit the world last year have been a chaking that reviewed the lifestyle.
The fashion was a season to pursue the output to digest to a part of a comfortable life, and it was also an inspiration source for this collection.
I'm glad if you enjoy new YUKI Hashimoto. "
Yuki Hashimoto "Yuki Hashimoto" designer
The first hand of the warehouse apartment is the right hand, there is a door that seems to be unusual room. Ring the bell, I heard a little rusted door knob, and I got a door while I was tense. It was Yuki Hashimoto everyone who climbed a slightly steep staircase and bending the hit to the left.
The apartment does not seem to be a place to be on the first floor, and the aura that is not the person who is not a erythone is lined with an antique furniture, which is a stairway that leaves the mysterious space and there is also a staircase. At the end of the"Blue Sky CONSTRUCTION"It was a place I saw in the digital presentation of Yuki Hashimoto.
Yes, the place used by the movie was used as it was for the exhibition hall.
It was a space like a fine house in the country of Europe, but I felt that this was true here.
In space, nice clothes are lined with antique furniture.
And the incense of the scent of sum was fired.
YukiHashimoto's 21AW BlueskyConstruction Movie
If it was the first collection of the past, there were many responses to the story mentioned after the exhibition. I'm not doing very special things, but I was talking before the exhibitionNew Yuki HashimotoI had to post and I had to post it.
It was the autumn / winter season that had a lot of dark tones so far so far, but it was a color palette that the yellow orange and purple brightness goes in.
No, it may be because black was small. If you look close to black, it will be dark brown. Many of the colors were to feel nostalgic somewhere.
This season, which shaft the so-called mid-century movement around the 1950s. It was a color palette that was transmitted by the brand concept "New Order" street roots.
Yuki Hashimoto's 21aw Cardigan Look Images
YukiHashimoto's 21AW Western Shirt Look Images
Look carefully. Needless to say, the Mid Century culture and history are reflected in the main design of Yuki Hashimoto's 21AW, which presents "New Order".
A combination of bold different materials, now a modern chair or table that is still not colored Jean Prueue.
Switching fake leather and modern designs using metal buttons are not alone but they make himmonoIt is an honor to
Some people are noticed at this stage, but Yuki Hashimoto isHumanMost of the focus collection was. However, this season is the construction of PluevemonoI am focusing.
I just feel that it was new from the source of the season concept as well as fresh color palette.
Wearing a 21AW T-shirt of YukiHashimoto
YukiHashimoto's 21AW Parker Wear Image
YukiHashimoto's 21AW Parker Wear Image
YukiHashimoto's 21AW Cardigan Wear Image
YukiHashimoto's 21AW Cardigan Wear Image
YukiHashimoto's 21AW Trench Coat Wear Image
Items arrived in 1st Delivery are all six types of T-shirts, Ron T, Parker, Cardigan, Skinny, and Court.
Product introduction is going to be a later date, but I want to touch the cardigan and coat a little. PreviouslyConstructivemono. In fact, these two items are designed to be a building to be worn. Cardigans can use the buttons on the entire surface, and the coat can enjoy the construction design by using a minimal and hidden buttons. Please pay attention to the new Yuki Hashimoto, which produces a classic textile or a modern design in the color.
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Well then, See you tomorrow.
YUKI Hashimoto 2021 Autumn / Winter Collection
YUKI HASHIMOTO AW 2021 season is a collection that inspired by the era of mid-centry. The mid-century modern style movement, which took place in the 1940s to early 1960s, it influenced on many things so that there are many masterpieces had produced and they are still "modern design" as of now. The style freely incorporating the latest constructing techniques while retaining the spirit of traditional handcrafts has influenced a variety of current contemporary designs and arts.
We believe that the functional beauty and design process of the style is common to fashion. Based on this idea, this collection aims to explore and harmonize various elements, such as using bold combinations of different materials, constructively deformed parts, and also color palettes and Fabrics Reminiscent of Historical Backgrounds.
As an example from this collection, the Canadian coats are based on work clothes, also known as carpenter coats, and they are made out of fine wool with contemporary details and mood. As for the textile of the room wear style setup, we referred to Python Pattern That Has Weathered Overtime and Associated With This Season's Themes, Such AS Vintage, Rust, Dry Texture, Cracks, and Woods.
We also create shirts and cardigans with rearrangeable buttons. By changing the position of buttons, it creates a space in clothes, creating slits and difference in length, and suggests the range of stylings.
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