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good evening.
It is an apple!
To the hairdresser after a long time on the other day.
It is a shop called MASHU in Teacho-cho.
When my hair is super long (2 years ago) before
Thank you for helping.
We had treated to the usual people this time.
MASHU group developed
What kind of damaged hair
Two hours, to Zarasala of light!
Because it is 15,000 yen alone with treatment
After a certain extent hair growth extend
I wanted to go and finally I wanted to go.
Straight perm
Painted the scalp with a dedicated liquid on the hair
Finally, we use two hair iron.
It is Miso to add heat to the end of the end!
From the place through the iron
I will be doing it.
If you care about your hair carefully
· Through a comb while treatment in the bath
· Drop dryer within 10 minutes of bath
· After dryer, do not indispensable hair oil
· In the comb after the dryer
· I can not touch my hair as much as possible
· When I go to bed, I can slide and sleep (hair with long hair)
Three months have a margin
Even when you hit the next OOOIT
Beautiful hair is completely different than others!
People who want to be a man or hair and want to be Sarasara
It is recommended by all means!
Please try searching once!
(Laughs because it is simple but not recommended)
New products of Belper are incomingly in advance!
Introduce recommended items!
Belper 21SS Tuck SHIRT Styling Image
Tuck shirt
Belper 21SS Tuck SHIRT Styling Image
In styling
Knit Dress
Crash Hat
Belper 21SS Tuck SHIRT Styling Image
Belper 21SS Tuck SHIRT Styling Image
Belper 21SS Tuck SHIRT Styling Image
Cotton linen shirt with a beautifully open V-neck.
Five hooks are included on the front desk
Design with a clean eye.
If you close all the hooks and wear it
A silhouette that the waist was squeezed up.
Because two tacks are large before and after
It looks like this when I wear it.
Open the front
It can be done like Hagori.
  Belper 21SS Tuck SHIRT Styling Image  
Belper 21SS Tuck SHIRT Styling Image
Belper original design button is on the cuff.
Brand names are engraved on all buttons.
Two tacks on the cuffs.
Arm Hall and shoulder around are leisurely
Because it is squeezed up to the cuff
It is a shirt with a beautiful silhouette from the front and back.
It is good that it can not be seen by swelling.
Belper 21SS Tuck SHIRT Styling Image
This time to the inner of the shirt
Belper Kint Dress.
Because the neck of the shirt is open greatly
Put inner and for exposure modest styling.
Because knit dress itself is an item with a sense of transparent
It is recommended to wear pants and skirts!
New brand Perverze Double Face Rib Pants.
It is characterized by the feeling of fit, not cramped but good comfort.
The bright Green's pants are unusual
If the usual style tends to be a monotone
Gorgeously by combining this pants.
Pants are different orange in different colors!
Belper 21SS Tuck SHIRT Styling Image
There are other new products from one after another
Please come to the store!
↓ ↓ Online Shop ↓
About Perverze,
ONLINE SHOP is not listed, so we are waiting for you! !
I am waiting for tomorrow!
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239





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