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One week ago, it was a rain forecast day, January 27th.
Photographers, hair makeup, friendly,
And call me the child of the model I was worried,
I made a shot.
It has already changed to a sunny forecast from the same day,
My heart was always anxious and cloudy.
It will be anxious in various ways before taking care of the important shooting.
What's wrong with this. Is it really cool.
Call and call it together and eliminate it.
Well, finally it is the day.
Ladies will be a new 3 brand companion.
Part 3 focusing on the brand
I would like to see the ladies of the Pallet 21SS season.
I will explain the brand followed by the brand.
 Fetico 21SS styling photo
Shirts: Lenz
Camisole, Bottoms: Fetico
Fetico is
Originally served as Women's Designer at Chriscian Dada
Mr. Yumi Sayama
And he was dada and served as a patanna
Mr. Kitako Takahama
The brand that two people can handle
Last season 2020-21 A spirit of the start of the autumn and winter.
This time, Fetico I met in a joint exhibition is
I felt the power of women.
It appears in the details, such as power strength and waist curve visible to shoulder when dressed.
In 1st Delivery, the camisole and denim in which her model is worn in stock.
"I'm concerned about patterns and materials to be a silhouette that the body of the arrived person looks beautiful," said Designer Masayama.
The longer hem is rolled up without a reservoir and sealed.
Will it be beautiful to here? I was impressed a little when I entered the fitting.
By the way, the shirt is a new LENZ.
This is also cute, so please check it.
Perverze 21sss styling images
Image image of Perverze 21sss
ALL: Perverze
Isn't there anyone who knows this brand?
Perverze active from 2016 based in Tokyo
Respect for 80's and 90's vintage wear,
To streetware reflecting contemporary spirit and style
Updated with a collection
It is a brand and is also a project.
Perverze making a designer without making a designer and editor and photographer also participate in a creator group,
Taking advantage of more connections,
There are various collaborations,
I think I have a susceptible approach to the current use.
Street is always born from the use of youth culture,
Of course, it can be said that it is just the 90's.
We wear it even with visuals we created
Granny nots that can be said to be pronouns of brands are
It is a thing that is born from respect for such a 90's.
Soduk 21sss setup styling photo
Soduk's 21SS styling image
And last is Soduk
I am very happy to handle this brand.
Just because it is cute, not only the reason but not last July.
A hot summer day, designer Take a shot with Mr. Cuishant.
Taken on the media called ID,
Mr. Kudo was to shoot and styling.
By looking at the figure of the work, I wanted to have something more than Mr. Kudo.
It is stupid to make one piece,
It was an amount that I did not know how many films were.
I participated in shooting such a lot for the first time, but I thought I could not lose at the same time as it was ugly.
I am a designer and I am a buyer,
Connect in another place,
We will work together as a living.
I think it's very wonderful and really happy.
Now I just started trading, but
I want to do something in the future, let's say, Mr. Kudo.
The above picture is the image of the brand.
How to show the select shop called palette from here.
In order to change the impression of men's shops a little,
Please take a look at the styling of ladies.
21SS styling image of Tiit
21SS styling image of Tiit
Soduk's 21SS Styling Photo
Perverze and Soduk 21sss styling images
Styling image of Soduk and Perverze 21SS
Styling image of Soduk and Perverze 21SS
As a continuous selection shop
I want to do the ladies a much longer,
From now on, from now on
I want to work.
Women are really nice to wear good clothes and become beautiful
What is fashioned with fashion magic.
It is a bit different from what changes in male, which is homosexuality,
I feel that fashion feels essential for women in the world.
It is a strong shop of the image of Men's image,
I want to introduce a lot of ladies,
I want to be a store where many women gather.
Ladies' brand increases, and women can enjoy more and more enjoyable space.
I want to make a lot of new communication methods.
Fetico will be published tomorrow 1/30 (Sat.) 12:00 to Online Shop.
About Perverze and Soduk,
I do not publish online shop, so
If you are concerned, please contact us.
Thank you to everyone who cooperated this time.
MODEL: Seibe ​​Nishikawa
photo: Tanabe
Hairmake: Tanaka Tsubaki
Then, everyone is waiting for you tomorrow.
Perverze 21sss styling images
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239





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