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good evening.

It is Satorita.

Today is special news
We will deliver to you.

Children of the Discordance



Estoniek Knit Cardigan

From 21SS,
I went to Milan Collection
Children of the Discordance.

In the 20AW collection of this term
The palette is also in the 3th season

Because of the fact that the transaction started,
"Someday only palette
I want to make another require. "
I was thinking so.

And this time
Knit cardigan
I made it!

Why is it a knit in the first place?

Speaking of Children of the Discordance
Vintage items (not only clothes)
Remake and sublime to new clothes,
Collection that invisible to remake
Impression that is formed.

Among them, Bandana
For the item used
Those who have a strong impression
I think there are many.

I also have it,
Very cool,
"I want to buy another another"
I'm looking forward to it.

So if you make an additional care
Remake, especially Bandana
Items are also an ant
I was thinking at first.

And one day,
Interview with Designer's Shiho
When I was watching,
"Good for knit"
To say that
My eyes stayed.

The trading actually started
"This is Yabai!"
There was a knit.
(I have lost it, but)

Children of the Discordance
The nim's ugly is too
Isn't it not known?

Then a donkey knit
Invasion of PALETTE
Should I make it?

There is such a thought
I made it.

Design was also on the collection line

Estonitek = Estonia
One of the three Baltic countries in Europe,
The population is about 1 million people and small countries.

One of traditional handicrafts
Knit industry made by hand-knitted.

Women were knitted for my family,
From the knit of hand-knitted hand-knitwear
Create inspiration.

Estonian 13
Many designed designs of neck
Unique unique to me
The neck is characterized by the neck.

It is also the biggest point of this knit
This gluglan tape.

Handmade made
This tape is ONE OFF.

Dyed to golden
Yarn and span call
I feel ethnicity
I also produce a sense of luxury.

Of the country without everyday
About the item
For details
I feel branded.

This pattern behind
From the pattern in the door of Europe.

Back figure is also cool.

In a slight loosening sizing,
Because the fabric is thick
Wear like outerwear.

From now on season
On one
How about it?

This additional care is
Ten World Watch Limited.

Rare in the rare.

9/19 (Sat) 12: 00 ~.

Store and online shop
Simultaneous release.


¥ 68,000 + Tax

SIZE: 2, 3


I made anewaler injury this time,
All of the brand people who cooperated,
I'm very much obliged to you!

Actually this item
Commemorating the second anniversary of Nagoya store
It is also an item made.

Besides what was written at the beginning
I want to make a special thing,
The feeling was also strong.

Model selection,
Location shooting, styling,
I did myself for myself.

It was full, but
A very good thing
I think it was done!

Come on by all means
I hope you can see it.

And yesterday
Yoshimasa BLOGIn
As there was an introduction,
From 9/18 (Sat)
Held a knit fair.

Starting with another career
Other brand knitwear
Great release.

My favorite knit
Please come to look for!

About other knits
I will introduce you again later.

Please look forward to it!

Thank you very much tonight!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX:06-6586-9560

[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX:052-684-7239

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