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good evening! !

It is an apple.

The third day has passed since the KNIT FAIR held!

From new work to archive
There are many people who come to see the knit
I am happy with a great success in the same day!

Women's Mens and Men's Fashionable Items
Because we have a lot of
Please come and go!

Today's new knitwear item!


Knit Hoodie

LENZ 2020

"Ghost ranch"

I got a stem with the painter called Georgia O'Keef
"The beauty of the core"
Collection that expressed.

What is Ghost Ranch
United States New Mexico, Northern,
Georgia O'Keyf's house is also a studio
It was also the subject of her many paintings.

A pullover with a rare hood in the knit.

Pullover has no space such as buttons before and after
I say about wearing clothes.
As a smart and active camp
It is worn from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the twentieth century,
Characteristic silhouette is characteristic.

In the type that code has passed in the hood
It is also possible to narrow down food.

The design with the design of the cord is accented.
The color of the red red is also fashionable!

Sleeve length is quite long.
A sense of defense to doubles by girls by wearing.

The length of the length is short.

So, more than putting it in one clothes
Or from top of top
Even if I wear it on the one piece like a photo ◎

Items with short length
Because the position of the waist looks high
Even if you match with high waist pants
It may be good!

The slit is included in both side sides of the body
A design with a strap from there.
It is cute even if you're drilling.

It is an item that comes out with hirahira.

This item is
As it is a last one point!
Try to try at the store once! ! !

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Lenz Knit Hoodie

Belper Pleded Pants (ORANGE)

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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