Cricket to tennis and fashion

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good evening.






It is Kawamura.



Nit Fair is very popular,

I'm sorry, I'm replenishing,

Finally it has come to remain. . .


Those who are worried,

As there are almost no items in Las 1! !



Well, today is

Delivery was delivered on the first day of knited fair

John Mason Smith

Introduce the knit of the


Children knit of mohair,
Developed in two colors of white and black.
Basically, the tilden knit is
With a rogged sweater woven with a thick wool
It is quite rare to be made in mohair.

For cricket that is the UK traditional sports
This knit was used by those who were loving.
In Japan, it is mainly called a tilden knit,
This is Japanese.
Tennis player,
Bill Childen's players
This knit
I'm coming from where I started wearing it.
Started as a tennis clothes,
After a lot of use of the movie tennis scene, etc.,
UK Youth Fashion Also
It has been dropped.
Drop vintage modernly
This brand that is motto is
I feel like I want to wear
Resize a little over size.
Of course, with a single copy of the past,
As a US Like Classic Style
It is also Otsu to match the button down shirt etc.

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John Mason Smith

5G Big Cable Tilden V-Neck Knit (Off White)


John Mason Smith

5G Big Cable Tilden V-Neck Knit (Black)



















We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!






















[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1

TEL / FAX:06-6586-9560


[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5

TEL / FAX:052-684-7239




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