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good evening! !

It is an apple.

Recently the temperature is autumn.
The night is too cool
If it is short sleeve, it looks like a cold.

It is a forecast that typhoons will come tomorrow or after tomorrow,

Today I closed the window properly
Let's sleep! ! !

Let's go to the product introduction today!

Flower EMB Blouson

"Dream drawn everyday" to the concept
A mysterious feeling of air drawn from a unique view of the world
Classy and feminine collection.

60% acrylic, 40% polyester
Lightweight blouson with a lot of dough quantities.

This season is
Pattern with plants and flowers
Expressed by print and embroidery.
Gray beige
Blue embroidery is applied.

One by one embroidery is large
It is a design that can be seen from the distance from the distance.
A flower woven with a shiny silk thread is an elegant impression.

Sleeve length is a little longer and when wearing
The sleeve is accumulated and becomes a cute silhouette
Dolman sleeve design.
With dolman sleeve
The sleeve shake is deeply relaxed
Silhouette thinner towards the cuff.
There are things that have no seams and things that have switched and mats.
Dolman was wearing cavalry in Medieval Turkey
It is derived from the coat (draman).

Previous fastener open
By squeezing the necked draw cord
You can enjoy the change in silhouette.

Can be tied up tight
The collar's gathering is also cute
Loosen to layerards with inner.

Pockets attached to both sides
Because the mouth is large, it is easy to use.

This autumn winter is a very universal item
Because the silhouette when wearing is also cute
Please try it at the store! ! !

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TIIT TOKYO Flower EMB Blouson

Belper Pleded Dress (ORANGE)

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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