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good evening! !

It is an apple.

There are many recently afternoon!

Sudden thunderstorms continue for about one hour,

I want you to stop lol

A typhoon is coming around this week, or!

When the typhoon comes
I felt that I became autumn.

Let's prepare for the typhoon this week! !

Let's go to the product introduction today!

Rebuild Blazer

"Wanting of Thy Love"

William Shakepeare's "ROEWO + Juliet"

Love, passion, ugliness

Strongly beautiful and living two stories

"School Uniform × Grunge Fusion"

Collection of this season is 20sss
Express grunge tension with 20 AW.

Vivid in vivid blight color
In the configured school style
It is characterized by adding elements of grunge movement early in the 90s.

The symbolic detail of the item is left as it is
Plus contemporary change ball on silhouette and material.

While drying with a rough size
Create a distinctive style of urban mood.

With grunge fashion
From the grunge rock that was prevalent in the first half of the 1990s
Derived fashion.

In the case of American usual clothes in 1993
The fashion of Cart Coven is a model.

Material is 100% cotton

In the fabric woven with various colored woven yarns
Tailored jacket made.

Blue and orange, look overall
It looks like gray.

Before keeping the button, the chest opens a lot
Layered with various items is possible.

The sleeve is a denim switched design.

Points are different from the slight color of the color.
Denim's discoloration can be enjoyed by washing!

Roll up and wear it is fashionable ◎

Benz is also made larger,
Movement easy-to-use design.

Because the length is long
Wearing on the long dress
Balanced and cool impression.

Size 1 can be worn by men's.

Because the arm hall and the width are relaxed
Weathered on the shirt and cardigan.

Please try it once! ! !

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SOE Satin Long SHIRT

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