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good evening.

It is Kawamura.
From this Saturday,
Toshio ohno
Limited Shirts
With the sale
We borrow works and personal posters from Ogino,
I am performing an exhibition.

Please stop by.

The recent circumstances of Osaka.

From Saturday,
I'm very happy with every day.

I think today,
I thought I would like to make a summer laste sandal,
Because I changed the boot from the middle,
This is tomorrow.

Well, finally, autumn starts.

Velvet setup is
Just like Bryan Jones Wear.

Yes, it looks like it's persistent
I say many times,
LittleBig of this season is
"If Bryan Jones is alive, he
He will wear clothes. "

I am, we
This item is
What symbolizes the most season
I think it is not.

Velvet's elegance,
From the size of the lapel, the strength of the shoulder
I felt a taste like 1969 when he died.

Velvet is originally something like nobles enjoy
The street of the street you can see.

This makes it easier for more eligible power.

However, because it is a tailored tailer of four buttons,
V Zones are slightly extended, some distant knowledge remain.

Not only power strength,
This good feeling
"If you live"
I think it is not important.

So because it is a velvet, it is a tailored
I do not say that
Please wear a lot without feeling.

From here to slacks.

The fine velvet is
With the best silhouette,
Other slacks produce different expressions.

I'm not saying that Tailard says
I am always moved by the beauty of Littlebig's slacks.

In some of the brands specializing in the bottom,
It will put out LITTLEBIG it
A sense of stability that kicks everything.

Furthermore, if it becomes a velvet
I will leave an overwhelming presence.

If you look at the details, pike piping, etc.
Not only silhouettes
In this place
It is broken after a long time.

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LittleBig Velvet 4b Double Breasted Jacket

LittleBig Velvet Trousers

Of course, the use of setup at the ceremony such as adult ceremony,
This item is very active as a single item
It is important as a wardrobe.

If possible, take over for a while.

The times change,
It will be active again in the 2040s.

Well, along with Ogino's exhibition,
Please look for the best buddy.

Then again.


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