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good evening.
It is an apple!
This time there is one notification.
Start from 5/26 (Sat.).
Fetico 21aW look images
The figure: Feminine
Meaning: Its figure, female
Designer: EMI Funayama
Graduated from 2010, Esmode Japon.
She accumulates designer experience with collection brand etc.
She laid Fetico with a patanner's high-sodium acupuncture in 2020.
Fetico 21aW look images
The theme of this season is
I want to immerse in a beautiful world during my self-restraint
Mr. Eye, a designer who was watching a movie.
Among them (sometimes I can not go to a trip)
Wong Kar Wai I heard that the film was shaken into the director's movie.
It became strongly inspired,
Two women drawn by Wong Car Wai.
Flower-like year
  Angel tears movie announcement image
movie"Flower year"and
Maggie Chan Playing Chau and Mrs.
movie"Tears of an angel"So Michelley was affected by the two people 's agents who played.
It is called Hong Kong to be the stageOrientalWhenWestThe unique air sense of
The appearance of love in love with no contradictory two women are not rewarded.
It was beautifully attracted and attracted.
And Sayama.
Both have a large part of female eros and are attracted to its sensual part.
This two films born in the place of Hong Kong also felt that there were many chaos scenes with a peaceful and peaceful movie.
Fetico 21aW look images
Fetico 21aW look images
Fetico 21aW look images
Fetico 21aW look images
Fetico 21aW look images
Fetico 21aW look images
Fetico 21aW look images
Glossy, Leather Satin's Kitschi (cheap and vulgar) glossy, respectively, is sensual, but the beauty of women feel that women can wear for their strength. It is a collection.
Also, the pattern of peony that reflects the mood of the collection
Play the classic motif in color and make the main graphic of this season.
This season, body lines are very beautiful and three-dimensionally appeared and created.
This woman feels like I'm fascinating me, and she wants to go through her sleeve quickly.
Fetico 21aW look images 
Fetico 21aW look images
Women-like strengths made for women.
Fabric, silhouette, detail, pattern etc
If you can even wear clothes that you can not usually see, it is individuality.
There is a unique world view, attracting a guy to wear,
By wearing, I think that the individuality of the clothes and the individuality of the person are mixed up with new individuality.
Now it may be less opportunity to go out and went out.
However, I usually want to enjoy the fashion because of this time because of this time.
If you have already liked Fetico, and still not know the brand of fetico
I would like to see it with my eyes directly.
The moment you get in hand, the new world will spread,
The more beautiful and sophisticated design.
Wearing clothes of Fetico,
I want to be beautiful every time I gradually get old.
I wrote a blog today with such a thought.
Release is from the store, online shops 5/26 (Sat) 12 o'clock.
We'll be waiting for your visit sincerely.
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TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
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