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Get stuck in the report report,
I went to the university's library for 2 hours one way I was affordable
I went to the library in my neighborhood for the first time in 10 years.
A long-time walk is comfortable, and when the feeling of the library was released as it is good, the unique scent of the library flowed into the nasal cavity.
That smell like a mixed paper and ink with the smell of various homes.
When I was in elementary school, my mother's work is over
I had a time for one after school at this library that was near the workplace.
I entered junior high school, and I started to stand a little by little from my parents because I started club activities
There is no opportunity to wait for the mother in the library.
The moment I stepped into the library after a long time,
The smell was called the memory at the time of elementary school, and the chest was slightly tightened.
Memory and hearing are connected.
It is said that memory for it is called by the aroma,
"Plust effect"
It is said.
Despite the other day I finally declared the emergency situation,
Peace prevention measures are applied and out of them are still blocked.
When I do not know when it is released, I think that I will destroy
"Ochi time",
Reproduce space with aroma,
I want you to taste the mood that is out of a little.
What to introduce today is
Candle that reproduces the scent of such various places.
LOLA James Harper
 Lola James Harper Featured Image 
Puffy Creative Director, Photographer, Musician, Movie Director
Rami-Meckdachi who works with a wide variety of
Based on the memories that travel around the world or make music
The created candle is this Lola James Harper.
In our shop, five kinds of aromas were selected.
The online shop has a certain story about the scent
As it is described, please take a look.
Among these, I particularly liked
Number 10 Guitar Shop On Denmark Street.
The British Neighbor Music Street "Denmark Street".
This city where you can say that it is a musician in the UK
It is full of instrument stores and studios such as guitar shops.
 Denmark Street Pictures
This is a picture of Denmark Street.
Wow just looking up tension! ! ! ! !
Is it a photo before opening? The shutter is closed,
This town is crowded with music and vulnerages during the day.
It is the fifth of the guitar now, but I did not have it
If you can eat with music
I want to buy one acoustic door here.
So I decided not to buy acupigu.
I would like to know the name with music before the corona brights.
When I can travel abroad
I want to go here to buy a guitar.
I want to buy and live at the street as it is.
When Lola James Harper's Rami Meckdachi also visits London
I will go to Denmark Street.
It looks like the guitar is out of place.
Beautiful instruments and beautiful people who loved the music visiting there.
The scent of his dirty guitar shop with his memories.
It would have a different smell with a small musical instrument store in Japan
By sucking the scent of candle
"Ochi time" that can not go out
As it is like that like it.
Lola James Harper Featured Image 
You can buy more than one, and enjoy the smell daily.
Since I want to do things today, this scent,
I want to feel like I'm here today, so this smell.
I would like you to add colored to everyday with a scent.
It is also very recommended for the present.
Lola James Harper Featured Image 
It is a situation that can not be cared yet, but
Please visit your daily life with such a device.
 Lola James Harper Featured Image 
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TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
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