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good evening.
It is an apple!
Instalave I went for the first time in a long time.
It looks like a lot of people browsed.
thank you very much!
You can get a lot of questions,
During the day, it is difficult to come to the shop
There is inquiry from a distance or abroad
I was very happy.
It seems that there are many ways to keep out of going out.
Feel free to fashion
You can see you about the product
Valuable opportunity is an instorious.
Because we will continue regularly
Please look at it!
About various winding of scarf today
I will suggest it!
Rose Scarf logo (Green Blue)
"Inherit Japanese traditional techniques in the world's highest level"
Designer Okudo has experienced
Based on various cultures around the world
A brand from Japan to be expressed in Maid in Japan.
By modern interpretation through the designer filter
Expressed with unique design that has never been done so far.
Country, period, season, gender, etc.
No matter what
Continue to be loved by borderless
We aim for the design to be passed.
 Styling image using Lastframe
A beautiful scarf of 90 × 90 large format silk gloss.
The handle that the bee motif was expressed in weaving
It is a characteristic item.
Significant moss patterns, blue and green shades
Somewhere and attract your eyes.
It is easy to match any clothes
You can add to the usual styling.
As the scarf also increases
Alignment in various windings is possible.
Styling image using Lastframe
Styling image using Lastframe
1 styling around the neck
Marshi V-neck
Clothes opened by the neck
Instead of a tie accessory.
Prior to the links of the ribbon
Even if you change the atmosphere ◎
It will also be a cold style tool when the neck in winter is cold!
Styling image using Lastframe 
2 Styling with 襷襷
How to connect only because it is a large-sized scarf.
Connect from the shoulder to the waist
A simple color item accent.
Even if it is wound from above such as one piece or coat ◎
Rose Scarf also has a color of Yellow Green!
Styling image using Lastframe
3 Styling around the waist
Try a scarf triangle
Wearing on the waist or dripping from the belt loop
Out of shirt and jacket foot
Cool style!
Styling image using Lastframe
Styling image using Lastframe
Styling that wound around 4
After putting it on my head like a bandana
In an elegant atmosphere tying behind the neck.
It is fashionable even if you wear hat on the scarf and wound the scarf!
Styling image using Lastframe
5 Arrange scarf bag
Round the end of the scarf
Furthermore, by connecting both ends together.
This is so various arrangements
The width of styling spreads
Because it is a scarf of Lastframe!
How to arrange such as winding
If you do not know, please feel free to ask!
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I am waiting for tomorrow!
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