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I am private, but I'm doing something,
Looking back on the past with that content.
I was raised by one Mother since I was a primary school student.
There is also adolescence, junior high school student, at the beginning of high school students,
There was no talking about it,
When I was troubled by the day of the exam,
Of course, in terms of money, a lot of consultations were riding and helped.
I think this is now,
I can grow in a family with love and I'm happy.
SYU.HOMME / FEMM DustermOutonPonChotosdgs styling image
Syu.homme / femm
This season is listed on the theme, the same brand.
Love to family, love to friends ,
Various love exists in the world.
You can feel from this item
Love to people is, of course, love to animals, and love to the earth.
SYU.HOMME / FEMM DustermOutonPonChotosdgs styling image
The ram carriers who are loving loving sheep.
The trouble of that person is
It can not be eaten by the Bore part, and it is thrown away.
A part that is discarded to bring up with love
It is very sad that there is.
When there was, that person talked about the fabric trading company and the feelings,
Realization development starts as a dough with edible sheep hair.
Make the Bore lining knit,
Succeeded in the processing method that will be brought on it, and this fabric is completed.
Not only the bore part inside,
It is also particular about the blue part seen in the table.
It looks like a genuine leather.
In fact, polyurethane coating.
Two shades of colored films are thermally bonded with heat,
Leather reproduce dark shade originally.
This technology, actually difficult,
Air entering where there is an unevenness,
Failure after failure continues to be very difficult.
I will never do it again
I'm talking about the designer Hide.
SYU.HOMME / FEMM DustermOutonPonChotosdgs styling image
SYU.HOMME / FEMM DustermOutonPonChotosdgs styling image
Syu.homme / femm
I hate genuine leather for a long time from the creation of the brand,
Use Echo Leather for a long time
In the brand thinking about.
Sustina and SDGS are now a very hot topic, but
I'm not doing it now.
I have been doing it for a long time,
I feel the love of Hide.
SYU.HOMME / FEMM 20AW DustermOutonPonChotosdgs styling image
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This item is only one point in our shop.
Perhaps other shops are not lined up too much,
It will not be created in the future
It will be legendary.
What is your love for you?
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