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"The boy who challenged Nazis"
A story that was really in Denmark under the War
World War II, Denmark under Nazi Occupation
A boy who made a resistance activity.
They called their group to a Churchill Club.
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom declared to fight Germany and thoroughly
I was respected by Winston Churchill.
With 2020AW Collection
[-] minus
Churchill club chosen on the theme.
I have bought the oppression, it changed to adults who gave up freedom
A story that the boy who does not have one weapon does not have a big power for freedom.
Today I would like to introduce one out of the Collection.
Image of minus 20AW storm coat
 Image of minus 20AW storm coat
Storm coat made of a very thick heavy melton.
It is a specification that can be dressed in the inner and leather in the inner by not lining it.
You can also enjoy the change of fabric slightly softer every time you wear it.
Image of minus 20AW storm coat
 Image of minus 20AW storm coat
Follow the West Belt and share it like a kimono.
In the operation of narrowing the waist belt The tension of the children fighting with Nazi Germany.
Conversely, the mission will be completed successfully with the operation of loosening the waist belt
We express the relaxation of children with the return.
 Image of minus 20AW storm coat
A tin strap that can stop the collar when wearing in a stand color.
Image of minus 20AW storm coat
Image of minus 20AW storm coat
Different shaped pockets made by application.
Not only design but also feels good for minus goods making.
Image of minus 20AW storm coat
It is a uniform of plane riding on this coat image source
Aviator coat.
Originally, it is a male coat with more bonus, but a negative ideal male image
Men with neutral and somewhere.
Change detail details from the point and in this form.
It will feel somewhat neutral softness in a solid fabric
It is finished in one.
Image of minus 20AW storm coat
There is no way to fight an enemy with an entity in Japan.
For example, I can not see an unexpected anxiety and stress.
In order to fight against invisible enemies, to raise the motivation to fight
If you can arise in your favorite clothes and get over everyday
Words wear clothes, I wonder if it is meaningful to be fashionable.
I think.
Let's have a quick speed than usual for the end of the year
Let's enjoy and live with a few days a day.
Takahata Hiroki
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