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good evening.
It is an apple.
Recently I am addicted and played a recommended game?
I will ask you to answer this place because I often ask questions.
Computer RPG, one play number.
It is a story game with a mystery solving element with a dot picture.
Now you can play with Switch.
I played with Switch.
Catch copy is
"No one doesn't die RPG"
~ Story ~
Once in the earth, "Ningen" and "monster" two races lived in comparison.
Night war occurred, and the ungen side dominates the ground on the end of the battle
Monsters were followed by the ground.
And humans seal the gate of the entrance to the ground and the ground magic
Monster was confined to the ground.
One day I will fall to the ground and I get lost and get lost.
Are you living in eternal and underground? Return to the human world?
I'm working with a variety of monsters by manipulating Igen,
It is a major feature on the system that does not have to defeat monsters in the battle.
Whether you defeat or miss the monster, the game ending and stories are made to change according to the choice. It may be possible that the world will end peacefully or involve the war again.
And there is one point I am very attracted.
A shooting game event occurs during the battle, but the so-called "battle", but also the "speak" command "speak" to enjoy conversation with monsters. This is another point than other games. It is differentiated and very interesting.
Dot picture retro feelings and warm graphics, many unique characters are the highlights of this game.
Halahara and I'm moved.
RPG that can taste unique world views.
Please play by all means!
Today I introduced LENZ blouses.
Styling images using Lenz 21SS Pin Tuck Shirt
Pin Tuck Shirt
Styling images using Lenz 21SS Pin Tuck Shirt
2021Spring Summer Collection
The season theme is
"Silent color"
I felt that the sound disappeared from the lives because of the contact with people.
The sounds of music and television are always as they are.
There is no accident that caused even if people and people are related and worse, and no noise was lost.
Various things appear to flow quietly slowly.
Among them, people with their own style seemed to be cool.
An excessive claim doesn't wear a clothes that the person's style stands out by the intention of the person wearing it.
Styling images using Lenz 21SS Pin Tuck Shirt
A black blouse with a soft fabric with a slight sense of transparent.
Theme"Silent color"So, I manufactured items in color without calm color and claim.
Because it is a light fabric like a chiffon, it is a great deal of wear, so it's easy to wear, and it is an excellent item that can be a layered camisole and top.
It is hard to get into wrinkles with a soft material.
Styling images using Lenz 21SS Pin Tuck Shirt
Styling images using Lenz 21SS Pin Tuck Shirt
A blouse with eyes with a pintack used in every part.
Unlike the tack, it is called a pin tack that is finely flyy like pins.
There is no front and back only, and there is a pin tack for the sleeve switching part.
A little bit of design is special and very nice.
Side can also be concluded and narrowing the waist.
It is a structure that can be attached and detached in a way that connects the strings or cloth, or using the cloth wrapped with cloths.
In this style, we wear it back and forth.
The code also ties in front and has a styling that brings the design to the front.
Not only the reception, but also the pintack is also included in the back, so
It is a clothes that can be made cute and wearing people wearing from anywhere.
Styling images using Lenz 21SS Pin Tuck Shirt
Styling images using Lenz 21SS Pin Tuck Shirt
When I wear it normally, I feel like this.
The impression changes significantly.
Even if it is overwritten from the top of the dress, it is a feminine adult-like atmosphere
Styling images using Lastframe's 21AW Two Tone Market Bag Small
Lastframe bag is a two-tone color.
The color scheme is characteristic.
The table is NAVY back Neon Pink.
Bivid collar is rare and styling will be shifted.
As it is sloppy, it is early!
Please try it at the store!
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Pin Tuck Shirt
Two Tone Market Bag Small
I am waiting for tomorrow!
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