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The rainy season also started in earnest, summer.
I have never felt fresh summer, but this year is a reason why I stopped having a diet and drink alcohol every day, and my summer morning is very comfortable.
The sky is high, blue, white clouds are very pleasant and remember summer I felt when it was a child.
This year, who stops or reviewing various things.
July, I stopped cancellation of Giga and Wi-Fi.
Allows you to leave the Internet as much as possible outside the work.
(Because it is in charge of ONLINE business, it is another connection. Lol)
Such actions are often in himself if it is important to provide a part that regresses analog to an analog.
What is the impact or somehow, I feel like I'm excited, or I felt that I was feeling at a young age.
In terms of work, I do not forget the mind in private things.
I think that I will do my best in the second half.
Prepare has become longer, but today is the introduction of the best one-shot in midsummer.
Negative sleeveless image
 Negative sleeveless image
Negative sleeveless image
Negative sleeveless image
Sleeveless cuts that are perfect for summer.
This item is not rough as the tank top, but is an image close to the shirt.
Negative sleeveless image
A slightly higher necked collar wipes a sleeveless rough image and a clean impression.
Because it is not a hyalinec, it can be worn without worrying about the heat.
Negative sleeveless image
Actually, with a double face specification, the skin is also a different surface on the skin that hits the skin, so the touch is good, and the water absorbency is excellent.
Because there is a dough tension, it is a very beautiful silhouette.
Negative sleeveless image
Back stitching is a negative characteristic ladder stitch.
Negative sleeveless image
But I wrote, This is still a reproduction of old sewing that was still ugly
In fact, it is possible to express the result of using a micine needle shake blurring that purchases a broken sewing machine and leaving the rough repair.
It is really impressed by the height of negative clothes reproducibility.
Negative sleeveless image
If you make it a price, it is an item of about 10,000 yen.
I think it is simple and I think there are many people who think that they think are high.
However, the designer imagines from the form of clothes, seams and accessories, and even thinking to the story in the background, making things made from zero.
I want you to know it and the clothes shop explain the product and spell the blog.
There are many things that I do not know at a glance.
So I want you to come to the store, and I want you to read the blog.
I'm glad if you use effort to know by all means.
There will be a few points that will remain.
Please check early.
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We are waiting for you tomorrow.
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