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good evening.
It is an apple!
Well, everyone
Now that the emergency declaration was issued again
What time will you spend?
I can not go out freely and I can not move it freely as I really think.
It is natural to wear a mask and is a good work.
Because this is such a time, your own house and room are
Along with the place where you are calm
I want you to be a place to heal fatigue.
Introducing the item for such all the items.
Calm lighting, and kind scent,
You should heal your tired mind and your body.
Lola James Harper Candle Image 
New brand
"Lola James Harper"
(Laura dimensions Herper)
Lola James Harper Candle Image
While being a perfumer
Show a variety of activities such as photographer, musician, movie director
Lami Mecdachi.
Friends I met in the middle of the trip
From the experience obtained in each land
Procurement of inspired perfume.
Lami has been working
Collect photos, music and candles
Lola James Harper was done.
Paris's name
It is handled by department store select shop.
Lola James Harper Candle Image 
Lola James Harper Candle
19 types in total.
For each candle
Number and name are described
The place where you felt the scent and the emotions at that time
I feel that it was a work that was incorporated into one.
 Lola James Harper Candle Image
Handling with palette
Four types of.
No. 12
"The Movie Theater in Lancaster"
A cinema near Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.
Old cinema with velor red carpeted
On the theme.
No. 16
"The Woody Office of Daddy"
Good friends, Daddy.
His office is like a long-fashioned library.
The smell of the office is
Time continuing time, patience, hand job weight
Feeling and reminds you of your memory.
"The First Morning Of Spring"
Spring's first morning is the first morning in spring
Suddenly, the scent of rose spreads in the city.
No. 18
"The Billiard Room of Jean-jacques"
Live in Britany in France
Friends, jean jack.
Jean's big house is in the quiet area of ​​Kattora
Her house has a billiard room.
The room always lights up
It was wrapped in the scent of ram and trees.
Thus for each scene
When the created candle
For a sense that you entered the space.
Lola James Harper Candle Image 
I am this time
"The First Morning Of Spring"
Purchase for yourself.
The smell of rose with a slightly fragrant rose
You will be calm down.
Without a fire
It smells pretty good even if you put it.
For your room
For a present for important people
It is a recommended item.
There is no particular use deadline
Long-term storage is not recommended.
Lola James Harper Candle Image 
Because it is a product that is unpaid for online shops,
Please feel free to contact us if you are concerned about.
I am waiting for tomorrow!
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TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
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