Our spring dream. A memorandum of that day.

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The day when I was still cold and entrusted to the coat, however, a little more warm positive.
I wrote beforeBut I think I will never feel matching from me. The hair is long and the face is neutral. Height 177 cm Body weight fluctuates well, but it is a poor body that has never been one degree that it exceeded 53 km. I caught a cold and I do not know how many times the bone was broken. The rice is full of stomach with a cup of teacup.
I felt longished in the eyes of a masculine, but afternea, it was almost tough. The pool to the athletic meet, the sea that I went to everyone, I had a repentant day.
But February 18, 2021.
I was able to felt that it was good for this.
The first show for M A S u moved my mind later.
During childhood, there is an end of the movie that expresses the danger of being corrected by anyone who would have experienced it, and the stage becomes dark. Potspots Pots and music began to ring.
Well, it's 1st look.
MASU's 21AW Show Look
It is not a slump that starts from Bottoms of seehru in popcorn tops! ! This season's M A S U is absolutely great! I want to see everything early!
At the same time as conviction, a little bit was hot.
My dream begins, who is a fan of m a s u.
Small-eyed Candy-like pattern knit, eye-catching gentle monogram pattern, mink fur printed shirt and scarf, white riders with clover studs, E. The first season, and a look of a boot made by another bail, and the floral boots are also wonderful.
That's good, this is good, so let's say such a story with Mr. Goto, this is a smolse, show that you can feel Goto. I watched it in the past and watched and watched for about 10 minutes for a moment.
Masu's 21AW Show Image
↓ ↓ Online Shop ↓
M A S U 1st Delivery arrived at the shop. Thankfully, most of the products that came in in this three days have been sold out or the last one. M A S U is here with the pallet and enthusiasm. This enthusiasm will definitely be more than Osaka and will get involved in the world and involve the world. I am looking forward to the expectation of the world of the brand at the store.
Loving clothes that can feel the kindness. M a S U through Ma S U, with all our handling brands, enjoying free men's fashion to many people, it is a person of a select shop that handles this brand.
M A S U 2021-22 Fall Winter
Dear A Man Like You Were (I WAS),
"Codes", which is set up in the Fall / Winter Collection of M A S U (M Atheuu), has been floating as a word common to the work after Fall / Winter of Fall / Winter of 2018.
And "Codes" is also a fashion show first as a brand, also his roots and wetlands that have been born in a natural rich area, a large green area or wetland, which has a big green area or wetland, which has been a big green area or wetland, even at the fashion show of Aichi Prefecture. It is also a word that is appropriate to mention preference and polarity implicitly. The showter that celebrates the director of PERIMETRON (Perimetron) to the director was named "Dear A Man Like You Were (I WAS).
Vintage Wear Loving Designer is not aware of the history and background of the collection theme and related clothes and the background. In addition, Men's wear consists of time-of-generation, design philosophy, aesthetics, and context (context), including, material, form, cutting, detail, supplied, sewing, processing method, and assembly. I think that there is a none name.
He says that various meanings overlap like a formation, and I feel pleasure to know "details" that hide there.
He daddy into deep and repeats the rediscovery. They are complaining about the cords, folding, twisting, light, twist, light, twist, and light, and to combine cords and codes while they are loving to the game. These are essential for the design approach of M A S u. Study Vintage and connect authenticity to breathing in modern air instead of establishing by "Restore" -churin military uniforms with fur, sirk dough It is not a strange design to mix rough handling, male silhouette embroidery and male silhouette, and to make popcorn tops as a men's wear, is never a strange design.
"If you say the strength of the symbol that has created the history of history, he has your own eyes that lives in the present age, and you don't want to be danced to a symbol of people. Even a round Even though I thought, I was pointed to the back and pointing. Such discovery and search is important. For example, fixed notes that are not doubted and passionate attacks and overpassed matchism It is clear that you can not create. It is one of the theme of this season that you can feel like that and to free men's fashion. "
Rather than Men's Wear, traditionally ladies or fabric choice that is difficult to use in men's ware is a color palette that includes a chiffon, a fan-to-seed, and a dusty pink. Belt-looped confertable wide pants, muffler collar with soft tailoring while expanding with setup and sleiefs, slacks, rabbit monogram pattern, madam chick flower quilting Mindsets of this season are also appearing on shirts and scarfs that printed mink fur coats. A bouquet pattern drawn with a nostalgic wall-style hand-drawing that has been a clover when a randomly scattered lame or a metal stud draws a heart is combined, and a bouquet pattern drawn with a nostalgic wallpaper hand drawering adopted in the specifications of the belt is emphasis on the kindness It is a flexible look of a flexible eye-making metaphor.
"A person who can sympathize with a design that replaces a trivial context is a kind person who is a kind of interesting person, is a kind person. Thorough design for the theme, do not mix inconsistent and meaninglessness "Purity" that produces "purity" may not be in the eye. In the event of an empathy with sympathy, it has increased the sleeves with sympathy. Also for 10 years old When I was not satisfied, I visited the house where the grandmother draws the oil painting and I still remember clearly and played with a lockster. Often I chose and make it I can remember myself when I enjoyed what I could do and enjoying the people of the people I saw it. "
Speaking of which, the word written in the recently handed magazine is Mae, and I felt that it was MASU, so I want to introduce it last.
Pure era.
Pure beauty has a power that shakes the mind of people directly, and during the time of a foot that shifts as a fastest, the basis of beauty changes, but for example, the definition of puncture and avant-garde is It is not a thing, but the pure beauty is an essential toughness, so that the pure beauty will reach a person's sensuality so that it is a spiritar that is dipped inside.
Mr. Hi Fashion 1998 6
Mister High Fashion's 1998 Sixth Page
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