In summer of Japan.

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The weather is nice and the eyes wake up in the morning.
Recently, how to wake up such eyes that were cloudy or not a long time with the rainy season.
Today is a dough with dazzling.
Prepare and work.
If you take one step out of the entrance of the apartment, it is already summer sunshine and temperature,
"Oh, the worst season is coming again this year ,"
What do you think is that you don't want to join the sun this year, but rather exciting somehow?
I felt relieved to feel that the hot temperature and bright sunshine are getting tired of corona, and I felt relieved, and this year is a bit grateful.
Anyway, I would like to go out to various places to enjoy to enjoy summer this year. (Of course, Corona is a natural nature, alone)
Every summer I have been withdrawn at home I noticed that there is.
"I don't have clothes that I wore when I go out at summer noon. "
So today, it is an introduction of the perfect item for those who do not have items that I woove in summer, the same as me.
Image of negative signature shirt
Japanese uniforms that are traditional Japanese clothing.
It is a fashion that has been changed from Japanese clothes to clothes by postwar American nations, but if it was a single-watermarked state, how does Japanese clothes have changed if it was not war?
I think about the change of clothes and times by unique eyes, imagination, and brands created in modern times, and personal recommended shirt jackets than minus.
Image of negative signature shirt
Image of negative signature shirt
Image of negative signature shirt
Silhouette is a regular fit shirt.
Sleeve length set a little longer is by brand kodawari.
Image of negative signature shirt
There is one button on the cuffs and the specifications that can be removed when rolling up.
Image of negative signature shirt
One of the features of this shirt is silhouette of the necked neck.
It is designed to be three-dimensional while drawing a beautiful curve, and wearing that beautiful silhouette will appear.
Image of negative signature shirt
This is a detail that does not have a jacket or a color shirt saying clothes.
It is a beauty unique to Japanese clothes.
Image of negative signature shirt
The sewing of the back body is at the end of the rare Hashigo stitch.
Image of negative signature shirt
It is easy to understand if it is close-up, but the stitch width is uneven.
This has still reproduced old sewing, which was still practiced, and actually buying a broken sewing machine, and it was possible to express as a result of using a micine needle shake blurring by repairing rough.
This stitch has two negative sponsors in the deep part, and one is the unevenness of stitch width Commitment to Backbone Expressing Up to Age Background.
The other is a part that displays the intention to sustainable by buying and reusing a broken sewing machine.
A brand that is not only cool to see in a glance.
Image of negative signature shirt
Since it is a non-lining specification, it will be a good activity as a shirt as well as a shirt.
Image of negative signature shirt
As it is the thinness of the fabric that the hand is transparent, it is perfect for the summer that is mushimushi.
I do not know if there is, but I'm wearing something in summer fireworks display.
Image of negative signature shirt
Such a feeling is styling with short bread and sandals, and it is also recommended for relaxing time on the water side.
The color is refreshing.
Image of negative signature shirt
Only one point left.
Please check early.
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We are waiting for you tomorrow.
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